2019 Aries sign reviews

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2019 Aries sign reviews elmaelma. The comer. What awaits Aries in 2019, what are Aries 2019 love, marriage, money, career reviews and 2019 important dates? The sign of Aries will mark the Saturn influence on 2019 comments. Saturn’s responsibilities will attract us to career and business themes in 2019. If you are on your way with disciplined, stable and determined information in this period, you can achieve real success in your career. Dear Coaches, you will encounter opportunities in your business life, but your reactions to these opportunities will be important. You should not avoid being in front of the society and taking responsibilities. Because accepting yourself to the society can be important in everything you do. In 2019, you can increase your development in the media, jobs with foreigners, trade, import and export, publishing, law, business travels, trainers, education, commercial and tourism sectors to be entered with overseas. If you are working on one of these bases, you will notice that your doors are fully open and you have various opportunities. Even if you do not have a job in this area, you will have plenty of travel and you will have the opportunity to vacation in foreign countries. Your chances will be high in the legal process in the media field. You will be influenced by the places and cultures you will see during your travels abroad, and you will make decisions that will change your perspective. You will transfer the important information you learn from foreign people and cultures to your business and career life. This year, browse abundantly, see, observe, reflect on missing training; After December 2019, you will start getting your work back.


This year, your affiliated affairs abroad, your commercial formations, your collaborations with people who know you less, beautiful formations in your media fields can provide the desired expansions in your career, dear Koç and emerging coaches. Uranus enters your money field on 6 March. After this period, your perspective on money may change, you can catch sudden gains, but you can also experience sudden outflows of money. You can get money from unexpected places. If you are flexible in keeping and owning money, you will be positively affected by the changes. Apart from your main business that starts as a hobby, it is possible to earn money from your work, your environment, and team work.

If you are a Koç born in early April (1-10 April), you may think that life does not support you with the sweat angles you get from Saturn since the first months of the year, and you may encounter problems and problems in some of your works. It will not be easy for you to deal with authority figures. In this period, responsibilities may seem heavy to you and you may want to avoid these responsibilities.

Dear Coaches, you will start the new year with your zodiac sign of Mars. You will be mobilized, shaken, and leave you tired of the issues behind. A fast period begins. Your responsibilities will have to be disciplined with an increasing momentum on your shoulders, both in social matters and in your business areas. Even if you have difficulties like the employee’s apple blushes, do not stay away from discipline and organization. This month is important to you.

January 5

As of , your more planned and practical aspects can stand out in your career and business fields. While increasing your conversations, you can add value to the business world in your ideas.

The partial Solar Eclipse that occurred on January 6 can bring rapid developments in your career and business areas. You can grow your business, realize your dreams and get productive results from strong people. If you are new to the business world, you will learn to play the business according to the rules. If you want to take your business to advanced levels, you have to make these requests productive by working hard, working, transforming. If you catch the opportunities that you encounter, you can achieve great satisfaction.

January 7 ‘

After , you will leave aside the monetary issues you have been dealing with since October and you will be interested in traveling with your entrepreneurial and enthusiastic structure and meeting new people.

With the beautiful interactions you will receive from Jupiter, you can bring the opportunities that you will encounter in the fields of travel, work with foreigners, import, export, higher education, legal issues, media, to your business areas, and benefit from people together in places where you will travel and do business travel.

January 22 ‘, while good opportunities and good luck make you happy, be alert to the false effect of your new relationships. Luck can come to your feet from your business.

Beginning of February can begin with power struggles. Not being surprised to read your own knowledge, being unable to keep calm in places where you need to be patient, may bring important frictions in your work areas. You should pay attention to this effect on February 2. On the other hand, lucky dates that support you for your next steps 3-8-10-17-18 February.

February 4 and afterwards you will roll up the sleeves to establish the right relationships in your career. You can refresh your trust with your superiors and bosses, and if you have requests, you can express them. New Moon can speed up your future plans. You can start your business, our plans. You are in a month where you will get support from your environment.

February 19 ‘

Dolunay, which is located in , will allow you to focus on a new job, order, service, a decision to be made in your daily life. You may like the innovations in this Full Moon, but I should add that you need to plan more, you need to progress on your way in a more organized way. Before exaggerating, consider the options that you will come across in the background. 20-22-23-28 February is very positive.

At the beginning of March, you will stand out from your busy and dominant business areas and take your time for the people in your social circle. Do not make jokes a difficult event on March 1, it will not be easy to get along with your friends.

March 5

As of , Mercury, which will begin to decline for the first time this year, will be on the scene. Until March 28, you will be open to problems and problems in communication-related issues, your work and the flow of your daily life. Do not attempt a new job, do not sign.

April 5

With the New Moon formed in , you are ready to sail to new possibilities. You will be supported for your vital decisions and will not protect you from taking steps. You may still need to put some of your plans on solid foundations.

April 10 ‘ Jupiter will start to decline. You will enter a cycle in which you will review the opportunities that you have encountered so far in travel, education, work with foreigners, law, media, and publishing. In some of these areas, some of your work can lead to setbacks, withdrawals and postponements. In this period, you should find boredom, when Jupiter recovers, you should eliminate these troubles and proceed on your way.

As you enter the last weeks of April, you may encounter fast, sudden, unexpected events in financial matters. After Jupiter, Pluto will begin to decline on April 24 and Saturn on April 30. If you are going to say hello to a process where you need to be calmer. Do not let mishaps, procrastination, problems.

Beginning in May, dear coaches can challenge you. Although it is high that you want to start your ventures, it will not be easy to find the support you are looking for from the authorities and high-ranking people. You will have a great desire to learn the reasons behind the events. You should avoid getting in front of your work with your conspiracy theories. Once calm down; On 3 May, you will see a nice business opportunity and new expansions.

May 5 and afterwards, you can put your important practices and decisions into effect on monetary matters. A day later, Mercury will enter these areas, allowing you to progress with more health and practical knowledge. You will try to increase your achievements and you will see different and different events in commercial enterprises. Strong steps can be taken on material issues on May 8-16-17-18. You can get a different and different money and earn money.

May 18 and you may come across a money issue. You can go to your sudden money payments or debts, if any, and vice versa, a loss of money can trigger tensions in monetary matters.

As of May 21, your direction is waking up. If you have a job in sales, advertisement, social media, radio, television, IT, you will spend more time on these jobs. If there are important decisions you need to make in these areas, you can use the New Moon formed on June 3 and the 15 days after.

June 14 ‘ difficulties in your business life may negatively affect your family life.

On June 16, you will be open to speculation in your overseas affairs. Dear involvement in your career gains importance in July.

July 8 and after 3 weeks Mercury regression is back on stage. Do not start important work until July 19.

You should pay attention to July 9-14-17 this month. Your responsibilities can grow in your eyes, which can bring awl frictions in both your home and work environments. You should be careful in your speculative works on July 11 and avoid big spending and investments. You will love to take risks. Again, you should be careful with your profits and investments on 31 July.

July 16 ‘

The partial Lunar Eclipse that occurs in will trigger important events, transformations and perhaps crises in your career and business field. You will see your strength and your actions in your business areas, where you will be considered. You may encounter a significant job and career transformation.

With the correction of Mercury in August, you may want to take important steps for your artistic and creative works. You will be supported on your beginnings and decisions.

August 2 ‘ you should check your tightness and sudden initiatives in your financial affairs.

August 11 ‘ Jupiter is getting better. You are entering a more lucrative and fertile period regarding your future steps. You will see that life brings opportunities and options in your affairs, travels and legal field abroad.

August 18 you will start using your energy in your business and service areas. More rushing and fighting can occur in your business areas. If you want to recruit staff, if you work with someone, you should proceed without criticizing everything, or you can bring some friction to your life.

August 30

The New Moon formed in will support you in terms of implementing your important decisions in business and service matters. You are ready for the business period with your flexible and practical structure and if you are going to go into September very strongly, dear coaches.

In September, the sword and long-term business deals with the right relationships you will establish in your business will fully support you in monetary talks. While the rhythm of your daily life is accelerating, you will progress with your critical, practical and solid sides.

1-2-5-6-8-9 September

In you will bring the opportunities that will be organized in your work into your life. You can start with peace of mind if you have agreements that correspond to these days.

4-7-10 September you may not be able to use your energy correctly and you may notice that the external conditions are responding to you. If you do not notice, you may encounter some disappointments and problems in these dates.

September 14

The Full Moon, formed in , may force you a little. You can reveal a subject in the background or you can see that you are progressing uncontrollably on business related issues.

In any case, you should turn to your common business, the people who will give you advice. To take the right steps in your ventures, you should increase your shares with your loved ones.

September 23

After , it is a period in which you will reveal yourself and your thoughts and increase your conversations and talks. Agreements, contracts may occur.

October 3

After , it is important to go deep in monetary issues, do research, and find solutions if you have problems. On the other hand, you should pay attention to your reactions to monetary issues on 7-13 October.

October 4

After you will shift your energy to your common works.

October 13

With , you can make important decisions about your life a few days before and after. These decisions will be compatible with your future plans, but your tensions may be high in financial matters.

October 28

You can review your financial situation with the new month that will occur in and you can implement the steps you want to take in this field. If you are not a coach that leaves everything to the last minute, put the decisions you have seen and started before. Because a day later Mercury begins its third decline of the year. If you leave everything to the last minute, this masculine can show you how deep the event is or will be.

November 12

The Full Moon, which is formed in , may cause you to receive money thanks to your dense flight. You will get the return of your intense and strong steps. 13-24-28 November will support you in this sense.

November 26 and afterwards, significant advances can be made in areas where chances that wink at you have flowed for a year that has put you in motion. Use this new month in your travel, affiliated affairs, import, export, important jobs with foreigners, law and media, and trade.

Your luck flows well in the last month of the year. On December 2, Jupiter will move to your career home. You can get nice expansions by working hard in your career and business fields for 1 year. While an important monetary responsibility comes to the fore on December 11, be careful with your initiatives and steps on December 8, you can be deceived easily.

Your job and career fields will accelerate after December 22. You will see life flexible and enjoyable. Solar Eclipse that takes place on December 26 can bring the trust and respect you are looking for in your business life. You can take unexpected steps in your career and prove yourself to your environment with rapid developments. Remember, you will have what you want by dealing with hard work rather than convenience. Work and get what you deserve, dear coaches.


This year, dear Koçes, you will experience an arm of the eclipses in the family area. The eclipse on July 2 will change your perception of family issues.

January 6

The partial Solar Eclipse formed in will have important responsibilities in the areas related to your mother and mother side.

January 21

The full Lunar Eclipse formed in will stimulate the phenomenon of love. 1.You will experience the last of the eclipses in your social environment and love fields for 5 years. You can face love with rapid emotional developments or act with fast and breaking effects in your love life. A child-related formation can make you make interesting decisions about a baby news. You should use your energy in a more controlled way for your environment and private life. Do not allow any difficulties and distress to occur in your work to be reflected in your private life.

January 22, while good opportunities and good luck make you happy, be alert to the false effect of your new relationships.

The new Moon, formed on February 4, can speed up your future plans. You can change your social environment, get involved in new environments, and initiate your works and plans to act with your social environment. You are in a month where you will get support from your environment.

March 6

In the New Moon formed in , rather than innovations and beginnings, you should complete the topics and set out for your habits you want to get rid of. Life will support you in 7-9-10-13-14-15-16-20 March and will bring you good luck in your works in the background.

March 21

With the Full Moon formed in , your focus shifts to relationships. The emotional decisions you make for new beginnings or your relationship will come to the fore in this Full Moon.

March 31

In you will be shifting your energy to close environmental issues. Your conversations and ideas can be moving and fast. You can give importance to ideas rather than action and defend them against your immediate environment.

April 5

With the New Moon formed in , you are ready to sail to new possibilities. You will be supported for your vital decisions and you will not be afraid to take steps. You may still need to put some of your plans on solid foundations.

April 19

The Full Moon formed in will once again direct your attention to your relationships. You will reach the end of a position. Whether this is your joint business, your marriage, your relationship, your important and final decisions will be in place. If you are still hesitant about taking steps, you will be prone to making clear and quick decisions with Venus entering your personal space on April 20.

April 27 be careful in your close relationships and initiatives.

Beloved Coaches, the negative of your thoughts in early May may force you.

May 16 and then you will direct your energy to your family. Competitive attitudes can take the lead in your household and family affairs. Your susceptibility will be high; You can act defensively against your family and enlarge family affairs.

May 21

As of , you can get together more with the people in your neighborhood, you may be more interested in relatives, siblings, people in your neighborhood.

June 4

After , while your communication with your family grows, you will work your mind to find solutions for home issues and to handle your real estate related business easily.

June 9 ‘ you can also witness some difficulties in the business life of people in your neighborhood. You will be open to deceit and people around you may experience similar events.

June 14 a problem may arise in your family life. Conflicts between your parents can lead to a decision to be made. Again, pay attention to the problems between you and your spouse’s family in this period. Difficulties in your business life may negatively affect your family life.

June 16

In you will be open to some troubles and problems with your fanatic mindset. Changes can occur in your ideas and beliefs in connection with the events you will experience. There may be some problems in this period with people who support your belief that is effective from the background.

19-20 June

Pay attention to . You may get stuck in some of your thoughts in your family environment and find it difficult to see the positive side in the events.

June 27

As of , you can talk more about love and reveal your creative aspects in your artistic works. If you are flirting, you are happy to express yourself if you are on the eve of a relationship.

Beloved in the family field and your career in July, gaining importance, dear Koçes. The Solar Eclipse, which occurred on July 2, can bring fast and unexpected events in your home and family areas. House change, buying, selling, a few of the possibilities you will experience in the life of family members.

You will also care to spend time in your family environment after this date. If you have the paint, whitewash, repairs or renovations you want to have in your home, you can address these issues for three weeks. It is also important to host guests in your home.

July 8 and after three weeks Mercury regression is back on stage. You should pay attention to your love life or your communication with your child until July 19. You may misrepresent yourself in your private life and experience difficulties due to misunderstandings.

9-14-15 July

You should pay attention to the dates of . Your responsibilities can grow in your heart, which can lead to some friction in both home and work environments.

July 19 you should be careful when sharing with your family elders. Avoid changes to your home until August 1. Open your eyes while buying and selling real estate, you may come across the old subjects talking between the family.

August will begin with the correction of Mercury and the New Moon that will form in your love house. You may want to take important steps for your love life, for your children, for your artistic and creative works. You will be supported on your beginnings and decisions.

August 7-8-21 can bring you good luck in your love life. If there is someone in your life, your future plans can accelerate and you may encounter an offer. Holidays or trips with the people you love will make you feel happy.

The Full Moon formed on August 15 can make the events in your social environment interesting. Your emotional connections with your friends gain importance. You should establish a good balance between your social life and your private life. Spending will be high; this can mean that your frustrations and willingness to act on your head cost you dearly.

September 23

After you will focus on your private life. You can reveal yourself according to the life of the person you love, both intellectually and as identity. If you do not have someone in your life, your partner needs may increase.

22-25-27 September will not be easy to negotiate with your partner or partner. You may think that the other party has not fulfilled its responsibilities and you can make important decisions about your life.

September 28

With the New Moon formed in , you will be open to making new decisions in your private life and relationships. Use this New Moon to marry, start a relationship, take your relationship to the next level, move, and make deals.

Details of your private life will be at the forefront in October. You should pay attention to the effect of jealousy, oppression and ownership in your relationship with your loved one in the environments you will consider, on October 1-14. Problems with your partner’s family may also be encountered during these dates.

October 4

After you will shift your energy into your common works and your life. On the one hand, while your private life is moving, on the other hand, you can come across conflicts and quarrels of sharing words and love. You will direct your energy to the other side, instead of dealing with your own issues, it may be difficult for you to be involved in the other side’s events. 27 October is remarkable in this regard, a subject may end.

October 13, and a few days later you can make important decisions in your life.

You may want to travel at the beginning of November, you can meet new people. It will be important to get away from friction and strain in your private life, to focus on fun topics.

December 12

The Full Moon formed in can attract attention in your close relationships. While you want to deal with more important and big events, life can throw you into the events of the close environment at the bottom of your nose. Try to balance.


If you are a coach born in early April in 2019 (April 1-10), you should pay extra attention to your health with the opposite angles you will get from Saturn from the first months of the year.

February 13 and you should try to use your energy in a controlled way for a few days. You may want to act fast and be prone to risk. This may mean that you invite accidents, act clumsily. You will be under rapid development until February 19.

March 5

As of , Mercury, which will begin to decline for the first time this year, will be on the scene. During this period, you will need to take care of your health.

August 18 and then you will care about your health and your image. Starting sports, dieting can be prominent. Because your energy is rising, your running can increase, you should not neglect your health and what to do in this period.

August 30

The New Moon formed in supports your important initiatives and steps in matters related to your health. Your diet supports your important initiatives and steps in matters related to your diet. You should use this New Moon in matters related to your diet, diethenitis.

September 14

You may need to take more care of your health in Dolunay . The intensity of your work is the hustle and bustle of daily life, and perhaps a nutrition and diet program you have started can help you make sensitive emotional decisions with what you will experience at this Full Moon. You may run low on energy, allergies, and minor troubles may occur in your health.

(Excerpt from Elele magazine Hande Kazanova Astrology 2019 book)

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