A new touch to the old taste: Fruited rice pudding!

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Try a fruity rice pudding that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years, whose recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and has been a guest of every family that loved it and went well with tea. Elmaelma if you are looking for new flavors. The recipe for fruited rice pudding that we have prepared for you is just for you. Here is the recipe for fruit pudding for you!

materials; 3 apples, 1 cup broken rice, 1 Turkish coffee cup starch, 2 cups sugar, 1 orange juice, 50 g apricots, 50 g currants, 10 glasses of water, cinnamon, nuts.

Construction phase; Peel and grate apples. Put apples and washed rice in a medium heat stove with 10 cups of water and cook until the rice softens. Add the grapes and the apricots you chopped before. After the rice is well cooked, add the starch that you dissolve in water. Add sugar and orange juice and cook to a thick consistency. Share the rice pudding you bought from the stove in the bowls and cool. Serve with cinnamon powder and crushed hazelnuts. Bon Appetit.

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