Calorie calculation of exercise and activities

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Calories burned may vary depending on the age, weight, gender and pulse of the person. Calculate calories and eat a balanced diet not only for slimming but for a healthy body. Although it meets your daily calorie needs, it is useful to exercise regularly. If your daily calorie needs itch and you do these exercises, you will be 100% successful.

Which exercise and activity how many calories

Trainers: A 30-minute run allows you to spend a significant amount, such as 450 calories. Running also offers training to our body related to the heart and breathing. Warm up well and put on your suitable shoes and run at a pace at first to avoid injury.

General Exercise: Exercises that we work on different parts of our body allow us to burn around 600 calories.

cycling: Cycling is an excellent exercise. You burn approximately 350 or 400 calories in half an hour, depending on your speed. Cycling also provides good cardio (heart related) training and blood flow regulation.

Ascending stairs: You burn 161 calories for 15 minutes

Washing dishes: You burn 89 calories for 15 minutes

Skipping rope: You burn 200 calories for 15 minutes

Driving: You burn 15 minutes 42 calories 30 minutes 84 calories 1 hour 172 calories

Gardening: You burn 215 calories for 30 minutes

Dancing (Light Tempo): You burn 100 calories for 30 min 1 hour 200 calories

Aerobic (Low Density): You burn 250 calories for 30 minutes and 1 hour 480 calories

Outpatient works: 30 minutes 118 calories you burn 1 hour 236 calories

Carrying items: You burn 26 minutes calories for 15 minutes 132 calories 30 minutes

Taking a shower: You burn 84 calories for 15 minutes

Cleaning: You burn 15 min 55 calories 30 min 110 calories

Kitchen works: You burn 100 calories for 30 min 1 hour 200 calories

Playing tennis: (On-site and one-on-one) You burn 242 calories for 30 minutes

Playing bowling: You burn 117 calories for 20 minutes

Sleep: You burn 18 calories for 15 minutes

Watching TV: You burn 21 calories for 15 minutes

Walking: (5km speed) You burn 55 calories for 15 minutes

Stepping (Low density): You burn 140 calories for 15 minutes

Playing volleyball (for entertainment purposes): You burn 280 calories for 1 hour

Playing table tennis: burns 318 calories for 1 hour. you burn

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