Causes of sexual arousal disorder in women

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When a woman is not sexually aroused and her physical and emotional needs are not met, this can cause sexual coldness. In the majority of cases, the communication gap between the couple leads to decreased sexual interest in women.

Women do not perceive sexual intercourse only as a physical one. For them, it means an emotional bond that goes beyond the body. Where this emotional connection is lacking, chances are that there will be no sexual life.

Anxiety in men; As well as leading to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problems, it can result in arousal deficiency in women. Even if women who use medication due to chronic depression have enough arousal, they cannot be sexually aroused.

A woman may not want to have sex because she is afraid of getting pregnant if there is no proper awareness about the different contraception methods.

Some women can avoid sexual intercourse because of their taboos.

Often some newlywed women may be afraid of the pain that sexual intercourse can cause. Others are also afraid that it can lead to sexually transmitted infections and diseases such as AIDS.

Sexual desire in women decreases significantly as they age, especially after menopause. This is due to a decrease in estrogen levels and other complications due to menopause.

Operations such as removal of the uterus can also cause it to not perform sexually.

Rape during childhood, physical abuse from family members, etc. psychological problems that are deeply seated in women, including bad experiences such as, prevent their healthy sexual life.

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