Causes of the sweet crisis

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Dessert; While among the indispensable of many of us, women love much more. When the dessert is eaten, seratonin and endorphins are secreted. For this reason, the inclination towards dessert increases in the slightest unhappiness. It should not be forgotten that dessert is a food that is not only needed but is intended to be consumed. Dessert, which is composed of nutrients with high carbohydrate and fat content, can cause chronic ailments such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension when consumed more than daily need.

Causes of sweet crisis

Hypoglycaemia Hypoglycemia is a rapid drop in blood sugar. A sweet crunch is inevitable in cases of prolonged fasting without snacks. If there is hypoglycaemia, tiny meals should be made every 3 hours.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Most women who have this problem also have hidden sugar. With the help of obstetricians and a dietitian, those with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can prevent sweet crises.

Vitamin, mineral deficiency: It is known that people experience more sweet crises in iron, chromium and magnesium deficiencies. Therefore, vitamin and mineral deficiencies should be evaluated with a doctor’s control.

Premenstrual syndrome: While most women do not normally feel the desire for dessert, they need to consume intensive dessert before menstruation. This is because the hormone estrogen decreases during this period. It is possible to overcome this process with the strategies to be applied with a dietitian.

Emotional states: Dessert cravings may increase in the process of depression. In studies, it has been observed that women who are unhappy in marriage need more sweet than other women. A therapist should definitely seek help for depression. Going under the control of a dietician in the same process will yield positive results.

Habits: The chocolate given by families to reward them in childhood may emerge as a perception of reward in the future in every happy and successful period. While maybe a piece of dark chocolate is okay, saying, “I’ll buy dessert for myself” can trigger exaggeration sweet crises.

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