Causes that make you fat in the summer

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During the winter, diets, health programs can be destroyed with the holiday to look better in summer. In summer, the weight lost with the warmth of the air and the comfort of the holiday can be taken back in a short time. Here are 6 reasons why you can become fat in the summer without you realizing.

Exaggerating the juice consumption

Eating plenty of fruits while avoiding heavy, fatty foods in the summer can cause the body to become fatty. It should not be forgotten that consuming the fruit abundantly in summer is important in terms of meeting the liquid need and providing vitamin and mineral balances. Since fruit contains fruit sugar, fructose, excessive consumption appears as excess weight. Especially very sweet fruits (figs, grapes, bananas, watermelons) both make them fat and increase the level of triglycerides in the blood.

Uniform feeding

 It is not enough for a person to eat only fruits a day, eat only fatty foods or only eat vegetables. K it is known that women should receive an average of 2000-2200 calories per day and males should receive an average of 2500 calories per day. However, it is possible to keep the weight at a healthy level with the plans prepared by nutritionists from all food groups according to the person, age, gender, life risks and existing diseases.

Drinking juice in a very large glass

In recent years, fruit juice is consumed in large glasses, as big as flower vases. Fresh juice is of course useful, but it is always necessary to pay attention to the quantities. An average of 4-5 oranges are squeezed to obtain a glass of orange juice. The amount of squeezed fruit for a large glass of juice goes above the values ​​you need to take daily and this can cause weight gain.

Eating late

The body has a biological clock, and the metabolism has the most energy and the lowest energy. If you do not know about these, food can be eaten very late and calorie drinks can be consumed. In this case, 18. 00-19. Eating after 00, and eating high-calorie meals and drinks will invite you to kilos. It should be remembered that every 7 thousand calories taken extra will return in kilograms.

Passing in front of open buffets

 We do not only eat open buffet meals on holiday. Having a late breakfast every weekend leads to the absence of snacks and meal times. On weekends, eating complex foods with sauce and fat in open buffets causes you to gain weight.

Drinking coffee with high calorie cream

Creamy, large-calorie, large-sized coffees, cold drinks, which are especially integrated by large coffee chains into our daily lives, cause weight gain in the summer. Because people gain weight because they drink as much as they eat. Drinking two of the creamy coffees meets most of the daily calorie needs. Thus, fish, chicken, dried legumes, vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, milk, eggs, yoghurt, which are very useful for our body, come out of our lives. Drink with lots of energy gives plenty of energy, and when the energy runs out, junk food eats more and more weight.

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