Celery stalk juice: the new nutritional trend

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We estimate that you can see the celery stalk juice, which is among the food and beverage trends of 2019, on social media, where many people start consuming it regularly. We also examined the celery stalk juice, which most celebrities and dieticians talk about on their Instagram and Youtube accounts.

The celery season starts in February and continues until the end of April. You are already consuming the olive oil meal or salad of celery. However, in order to take your health a step further, you should not only eat your food, but also regularly drink the juice of the stem. You ask why? Because he is a miraculous food source…

The benefits of celery stalk water for the body

– Celery stalk water, which contains many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, C, K, potassium, sodium, calcium, strengthens your immune system and helps you protect against diseases.

– Celery stalk juice containing antioxidant ingredient called Flovan prevents chronic diseases that may occur in your body. With its anti-inflammatory effect, it cleans the blood and relaxes the blood circulation.

– The enzymes in the celery stalk load the hydrochloric acid in your stomach so food is easily digested. If you are having problems with your digestive system, you should add celery stalk juice to your nutrition routine.

– Celery stalk juice, which is one of the best foods to the intestine and liver, cleans your liver when it is consumed regularly and keeps your intestines working properly.

– Celery stalk water, which is rich in calcium and silicon, strengthens your bones with the support of vitamin A. It protects healthy cells and balances your mineral level, preventing heart diseases.

Benefits of celery stalk juice to the skin

– It protects your skin from free radicals thanks to the vitamins and minerals we have just mentioned, reducing the signs of aging, giving your skin radiance, elasticity and the moisture it needs. It also supports your scalp to get oxygen, giving you healthy hair.

– Celery stalk water, which moisturizes and nourishes your skin from inside, minimizes the formation of acne and acne.

– By keeping your body’s pH balance under control, it prevents your skin from producing excess sebum. So it’s an extremely effective solution for those with oily skin.

How to consume celery stalk juice

You can squeeze the celery stalk in the fruit juicer machine, which you can find at the markets or vegetable and fruit websites. Squeeze 4-5 stalks each morning and consume at least half an hour before breakfast. We recommend that you spend this half-hour period by exercising. Because you know that eating healthy alone is not enough. It is very important to train your body for at least half an hour a day. You can do a morning yoga that will help you start your day better and make your body stretch until your breakfast time.

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