Clean your washing machine in 3 steps

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If the idea of ​​learning how to clean the washing machine seems strange to you, let’s talk about some reasons why it might be useful:

– Some components in your machine may tend to retain water, which means your machine becomes a breeding ground for mold bacteria. Mold buildup in your machine causes unwanted odors. Some washing machines cannot exhaust the bad smell due to their design.

Hard water causes lime to accumulate in components and pipes, causing objects to run slower. Washing machines and pipes are more efficient when lime is removed.

– You may be living in a humid area. Constant humidity in the air prevents odd drying between the machine’s operation, causing odors and mold.

You can follow these 3 simple steps to have a fragrant and clean washing machine.

Step 1: Run with vinegar in hot program

Run in warm program and empty, using two glasses of white vinegar instead of detergent. White vinegar does not harm the clothes. Hot water and vinegar mixture eliminates and prevents bacterial growth. Vinegar can also act as a deodorizer and prevents mold smell.

Step 2: Brush inside and outside

Mix a quarter cup of vinegar in a bucket with warm water. Clean the inside of the machine with this mixture using a sponge or brush. If you have a front loading washing machine, pay special attention to the rubber seal. If the detergent dispenser is removable, soak it in water with vinegar before brushing. Also quickly wipe the outside of the machine.

Step 3: Run in hot program

Run your machine in the warm program without detergent or vinegar, empty. You should clean your washing machine every six months to prevent accumulation of bacteria and minerals and to make sure that your laundry is clean when they come out of the washing machine.

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