Conception of beauty changes from head to toe

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With the meeting of Uranus, the planet of changes and renewal, and Taurus, the symbol of beauty, great changes will occur in the perception of beauty and aesthetics!

“With Uranus entering Taurus, we are starting a new revolutionary era in beauty”

Consultant Astrologer Sare Palaska in the description and “We are ready to meet this new period by offering personal aesthetic options” saying Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Aysun Bölükbaşı Mamak draws attention to a brand new era where individualization in beauty will come to the fore!

Now, we all have an idea about thinking twice about partnerships, not signing new agreements, and being prepared for technological flaws during the Mercury Retros communication planet. So how will the Uranus Bull meeting, which will take place for the first time since the 1930s, affect our lives? Consultant Astrologer Sare Palaska states that this meeting, which will start in March 2016, will have important effects on the money, material values ​​and understanding of beauty represented by Taurus.

“People will tend to be natural, aesthetic operations and touches made specific to the person will be at the forefront”

Saying , Sare Palaska gives the following information about the subject:

“Uranus will be in Taurus between March 6, 2019 and April 2026. Uranus had come to Taurus 84 years ago, and the understanding of beauty had changed 84 years ago. Uranus means individuality. It contains unique, individual and unique topics. and we are starting a new revolutionary period especially about beauty, the beginning of this period will be in March 2019 and will have serious effects on our understanding of beauty by the end of 2026. Classical beauty understanding will be broken, people will not say ‘I want a nose like this person’. There is a serious change of transformation. The way one feels good will be and individualized. is getting together. ”

Ways of life will be reflected in their understanding of beauty

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Aysun Bölükbaşı Mamak, “We are ready to meet this period with both our experience and renewed methods. We will continue to work in a way ready to present whatever one feels happy with personal aesthetic options, renewed techniques and methods.” says and states that the way people’s lifestyle and habits will affect their understanding of beauty in the new period.

How does this sign look to aesthetics?

Consultant Astrologer Sare Palaska and Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Aysun Bölükbaşı Mamak also made explanations about the aesthetic perceptions of the horoscopes …

Coach: Being in shape and looking beautiful is important for him. Since it is an element of fire, it makes decisions very quickly. It may be good for aestheticists to say to Koç signs, “Wait for a day, and if you want to do it, then talk about it.”

Taurus: It is the sign that represents beauty. It attracts attention with its cherry lips and apple cheeks. It is the sign that will be one of the pioneers in the change of understanding of beauty with the introduction of Uranus into Taurus. You can see that the beauty perceptions of the bull women around you have become individualized recently.

Gemini: Gemini woman, who reads a lot and researches a lot, will not give up on this feeling when it comes to aesthetics, and will read every article about the application she intends to have.

Cancer: Emotional and timid. It takes time to get used to the innovations and it has to establish an emotional bond. Therefore, the environment and people where it will have aesthetic applications are important for him. It gets in hard, but it doesn’t come out when it’s in!

Leo: She is a stage woman. Even in his own home, he creates his scene and is keen on showing off. It is a pioneer in aesthetic applications. It always catches up with trends and always demands quality.

Miscellaneous It is one of the signs that say “yes” to the aesthetics most easily. It is perfect but it never passes the details. It is necessary to explain the process to be done in all its details.

Scale: Sophisticated and elegant. Her conception of beauty is surrealist. It is a zodiac sign that brings colors together very well and it knows what it wants. It does not exaggerate anything and prefers operations where it should be.

Scorpion: He is overly emotional and very stable. He wants to highlight the area that gives depth to his face. Eyes and gaze are important to him. Operations about eyebrows and eyes are of interest.

Release: He is a visionary. It’s different. They may appear to be more of a foreign culture with their skin or applications. They want to be free because they travel all the time. They do not like long-term practices and do not prefer trading sessions.

Capricorn Serious and punctual, never wants things to go wrong. She is a complete business woman, and she must have a serious expression in her aesthetics. She has a masculine female appearance.

Bucket: Marginal, original, very intelligent and timeless. The future android women are from this zodiac sign. They lead the firsts because they write the rules for the future.

Fish: It is one of the signs that catch the trends best. His artistic aspects prevail in every subject. When they look in the mirror, they want to see an artwork in front of them.

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