Correct use of glasses

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The free-spirited women who have completed their final preparations for their routes are exploring the ideal glasses to accompany them on their journeys and want to set out with the right glasses.

Glasses shouldn’t let you down on your dream journey

Sunglasses, which have entered our lives due to the reasons such as creating a clear field of vision by protecting the eye from the brightness of the sun and protecting the eye health from harmful UV rays, are mostly used since it is a trend. Complementing the clothes as a stylish accessory; It should not be bought as a fashion regardless of its suitability for its intended use, and those below the quality standards should not be used. Users who are looking for glasses need to search for glasses that are suitable for their use and prefer models that meet quality standards. It is especially important for drivers and travelers to choose the brand and model that suits their needs by specifying their own criteria besides quality standards while buying glasses. Eye health, affecting the eye
The performance of the glasses that relieve fatigue and provide quality vision directly affects the driving performance. Eyeglasses models suitable for driving should be preferred to get maximum pleasure from driving. Serengeti, the eyeglasses brand that designs sunglasses suitable for all vehicle uses such as motor, car, yacht, sail or even plane, accompanies the drivers on spring routes and impresses with its elegance.

Should take the glasses in driving mode

Glasses that do not bring the reflections on the vehicle glass to the eye while driving are ideal lenses for driving. These glasses have double-sided anti-reflective feature; It prevents the reflection of the reflection on the inside of the glass and reaches the eye by breaking the reflections on the vehicle glass outside the glass.

For example, when driving in summer, the sun shines reflects the torpedo on the front surface of the glass. This reflection misleads most drivers, or the contact of warm air to the glass gives the feeling of puddles ahead. These situations distract drivers. For this reason, it is necessary to use eyeglass lenses suitable for the user’s mode, distracting and refracting reflections while driving. Serengeti eyewear brand from Italy to Turkey; With the product technologies used in all models, it offers maximum visibility performance to all vehicle users. In the models of the brand, which creates a comfortable field of vision for its users during travel; It has double-sided anti-reflective, colorist and harmful blue ray blocking properties. With these features, the glasses widen the field of view by minimizing reflections and glare, offering clear vision in all light uses, and maximizing eye health by breaking the most harmful blue rays. The technologies, which are also integrated in numbered glasses, are recommended by eye doctors especially to drivers all over the world.

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