Falling in love rejuvenates the brain, reducing pain sensitivity!

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Love is one of the things we care most about from the past to the present. Love, this emotion, which changes many things in the human body, reduces pain sensitivity and rejuvenates the brain! Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. Sultan Tarlacı made important evaluations about the effects of love on the human brain.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important issues throughout human history is: “ Love ”. The effects of love in the human brain are remarkable. The hormone, which grows nerve cells during the passionate love period, is secreted 2-3 times more than usual. Stating that love rejuvenates the brain, Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı stated that during the drenched love period, the brain’s decision mechanism worked less, “ When love comes, mind goes ”drew attention to the correctness of the phrase in neuroscience.


Another well-known thing is in the passionate love era ‘ neuron growth factor This is a hormone that grows nerve cells, which is called “is released from the brain. It decreases with age. It has been observed that the blood of people measured in the love period of this neuron growth factor increased 2-3 times normal.

What does this provide? A hormone that helps nerve cells survive longer, the connection between nerve cells become more frequent over time and rejuvenate. When you take the nerve cells into an artificial environment and give them this hormone, their structure gets younger. The same happens in the brain. So love rejuvenates the brain.


Every aesthetic production you see when you look at the world; dopamine underlies the production of a good architecture, a good painting, a good music, a good poem, a good motion picture. Dopamine is a nerve chemistry substance based on the pursuit of innovation, creativity and pleasure.

During the passionate love period, the human brain has been shown to float almost in dopamine. Therefore, all the important love poems and all the important music are always written in the period of soaking love.


During the drenched love period, the release of morphine-like substances in the brain increases. Therefore, pain sensitivity decreases. This goes for the thing. When a person is very happy, they feel pain in their body. But, for example, patients in depression feel a lot of pain. The head hurts, the neck hurts, the back hurts, the back hurts… Therefore, in the period of soaked love, pain sensations also decrease.


Nevertheless, when love comes again in an unexpected moment, it is a feeling that must be welcomed. But it is always necessary to think that there is a certain period of time and there will be a landing period.

There is no such thing as ultimate and permanent love. These soaking love periods have been shown to last for 8 to 16-18 months, most often as blood chemistry and psychological tests. There are 20 years of passionate love in very exceptional cases, but of course these are very unusual people.


People thought that the center that ruled people until the 1700s was the heart. After 1700, it was understood that the main center managing people was the brain. The use of functional MR in many areas since 2003 in the modern era has intrigued some brain scientists. ‘ When we swallow, read books, watch movies, we see where the brain works. I wonder where his brain works when a person looks at the person he loves? ‘asked Egyptian Scientist Semir Zeki. After this was asked, they saw, surprisingly, certain parts of the brain shine brightly as lovers look at their tongues, and this is consistent.

So there is no other pattern when someone is in love, no other pattern when the other is in love. There is a similar pattern in the glowing areas of the brain in all that drenched love period. It could be a test like this; ‘ Does my lover really love me passionately?. It would take us half an hour to understand this. We have this technologically, so we can do this because it is a functional MR device.

Love slows the brain’s decision-making mechanism

Human behavior all has a brain equivalent. While many parts of the brain glow during the drenched love period, the frontal part of the brain is working little or weakening. This is very remarkable ”, he completed his words as follows:

“What is the result of this? Normally, our forehead brain region allows us to create social norms and rules. It provides respect for someone else and looks at the whole and evaluate our situation. The same brain region allows you to signal well before turning left or right in traffic. This region also comes into play in decision making processes.

The less work of this region in soaking love period causes the decisions taken in that period to be unhealthy and problematic. So in that intense, passionate era they say later ‘ How did I do this, how did I decide this, how did I follow it ‘… There will be regrets either after a while in love … Or’ How did he give it to me ‘how he gave it to him … When the drenched love ended, the mind was replaced. Behold ‘ Love comes to mind is said to people like this. Actually, this has a neuroscientific counterpart. In the period of really drenched love, mind can go away when love comes. “

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