Heavy Lives When Maja Radanovic boyfriend left him. . .

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Maja Radanovic was a 33-year-old obesity patient living in the Portland area of ​​Oregon, USA. The Heavy Lives program published on TLC was perhaps his last chance to survive.


Maja, the daughter of a Serbian immigrant family, became addicted to food after her parents’ separation at a younger age. The fact that her mother had to work long hours to survive her family’s collapse left Maja unloved.


Maja tried to overcome her emotional gap by eating food. He felt happier at first, but as his age and weight progressed, his life turned into a nightmare. By the age of 18, he was now 181 pounds and it was getting harder to move.


Maja got engaged when she was 24 years old, happy to have a new era in her life, when Maja learned that she could not have a child due to her weight, she fell into despair again and left her fiancee.

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