How do I know if I’m in love The moment you start to worry. . .

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Love is the name of the most precious emotion, which is almost impossible to describe the recipe that there is no age limit and joy and sadness together! In general, let’s listen to the signs of falling in love, where the anxiety dominated by nausea is indispensable, from the Relationship Specialist Hande Akın. How do I know if I’m in love? Let’s look at the question of how Hande Akın responded. . .


Am I in love? ‘ This question has come to mind from everyone, from young to old, perhaps once or perhaps many times. It is impossible not to realize that you are in love. If butterflies are flying in your stomach, your body has started to feel very different feelings, if you are thinking about the person you are constantly in love with, if you are dreaming about it, you are having a very beautiful love. Love does not always have to be mutual, you can live one-sided. All you can do is enjoy it. Feeling your love fully. ‘

Contrary to what is known, love does not always give happiness to the person! Love, which often outweighs the sense of responsibility, often leaves its place to anxiety and ‘Wonder’. But the most important advice from us! If you are one of those who want to live the love at the end, never forget to live the respect and the moment love is beautiful when you laugh together, not when you have trouble or get stuck!

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