How often should bras and pajamas be washed

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Be honest, how often do you wash your clothes? If you slept in the same pajamas for a week, you may want to rethink your laundry program.

Bacteria, body fluids, general dirt and dirt can accumulate on your clothes and become harmful. We asked the experts how often to wash your bras and pajamas, and their advice on the best way to do this.

How often should the bras be washed

Although it depends on your lifestyle, you should generally wash your bra two or three times after wearing it. Depending on the personal hygiene and lifestyle of a woman, a standard bra can be worn several times without washing. Women who sweat more may want to wash their bras more often, but for daily use, washing is not required after every use. Overwashing can have a negative effect as it can damage the elasticities in your bra.

Bras should be washed by hand if possible, machine washing can also be harmful. The bra should be washed in warm or cold water, which helps it retain its shape. If you prefer to wash in the washing machine, always use precise settings and attach the clips to avoid damaging other parts. It is recommended that you wait for one day after washing in order for your bra to become elastic.

How often should the pajamas be washed

Pajamas should be washed after wearing three or four times. If you sweat overnight, your pajamas will get dirty faster and you will sweat even more when you use hot water bags. At least, you should really wash it after wearing it for a week. Research shows that dirty pajamas can cause all kinds of health problems, from acne to cystitis.

What about handbags and wallets

We take our handbags with us everywhere and put them in a bar or even on the floor of the toilet without hesitation and let them easily collect the countless microbes we pass on to ourselves. Coins, notes, and even credit cards can carry harmful bacteria in your handbag. Some bags and wallets are machine washable (check the label), clean your bag and wallet once a week with anti-bacterial wipes (use non-alcoholics to prevent skin blemishes) to keep germs away.

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