How to make the easiest tiramisu? Practical tiramisu recipe

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You can prepare the tiramisu dessert, which you eat frequently in cafes and where coffee and custard meet, is soft at home. The recipe of delicious tiramisu that you can make to your guests in a practical way is in our article. Here is the recipe for the practical tiramisu dessert:

In recent years, the tiramisu dessert, which cafes and restaurants have been selling the most, is among the desserts that lovers of cafe intensively like. Ready to take its place on the market shelves you can make tiramisuyu with your own hands. L Italy is the place where the tiramisu, which makes itself different from other sweets with its delicious cream, is made. The tiramisu dessert, which is literally called “cheer me up”, really delights the eater. So would you like to prepare a tiramisu in a practical way at home?



1 pack of plain sponge cake
1 three-in-one coffee

For pudding;

2, 5 glasses of milk
200 g labne cheese
3 heaped tablespoons flour
3 topping tablespoons of granulated sugar
1 pack vanilla


Start preparing the dessert first by making the custard. In a deep saucepan, mix milk, flour and granulated sugar in a saucepan and cook until boiling.

When bubbles form, remove from the stove and add vanilla. After letting it cool for 15 minutes, add and whip the labne cheese.

Melt the coffee in a water glass with hot water. Wet the sponge cake with the water you prepared.

Pour half of the cooling pudding on 1 sponge cake and spread. Put the other pancake cake on it and pour the remaining pudding on it and spread it well.

Sprinkle any amount of cocoa to the top of the dessert and serve it after it cools.

Enjoy your meal. . .

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