Is canal treatment done in the milk tooth, will it harm the tooth coming from behind?

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Children’s oral health is quite possible. Canal treatment, which is applied especially among the common dental treatments, is very sensitive in children. Among the questions frequently asked by parents, “Is canal treatment performed on milk teeth?” In response to the question of Pedodontist Dr. Begüm Gök Çoban replied.


Root canal treatment is one of the issues that parents treat with care in their children. Is canal treatment done for milk teeth? Does canal treatment harm the tooth coming from behind? Based on these questions that parents often ask experts, Dr. Begüm Gök Çoban informed the parents as follows;

It is possible to treat milk tooth canal in milk teeth as in permanent teeth.

The canal treatment to be applied to the milk teeth does not cause any damage to the underlying permanent tooth; on the contrary, it protects the incoming teeth by preventing the infection that may develop in the region. At the same time, canal treatment on milk teeth does not prevent the tooth from falling. ”

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