It becomes hard to be a father

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Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist, who pointed out that health problems preventing pregnancy by natural means have increased in recent years and the population growth rate has slowed down in the world. Dr. Bülent Urman said that the number of children in a family should be at least 2 in order to increase the population in a healthy way and balance the number of those born and died.

Sperm count decreases

Underlining that there is a decrease in the sperm count of men all over the world, Urman said: “ There is half the difference between the number of sperm in men who donated to sperm banks in England in 1950 and today. It has decreased from 110 million to 50 million but has not fallen enough to be pregnant yet. If this continues like this, perhaps in the next 50 years, most of the men may experience sperm problems that they cannot have children in normal ways. Men have difficulties in having children when they drop below 15 million. ”

Emerging technology steals health

Urman pointed out that the scarcity of sperm to the extent that it can prevent pregnancy is becoming more common today. Smoking, drug use, stressful life, magnetic fields, mobile phones, computers. While developing technology brings us convenience in some places, I think it also has stolen important from our health. “ in the assessment.

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