Objects that will bring luck to your home will make you feel better!

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People have believed that some objects have brought luck home since history. While some perceive such things as superstition, some say it brings luck to the house and makes it full of good energy. So what are the objects that bring home luck? Let’s get to know those objects together!


One of the objects that come from ancient times to the present day and is believed to be good luck is the mirror brooms in Edirne. . . Flowers on the broom represent love and happiness, and the mirror represents purity and peace. It is also believed that the mirror brooms bring luck.


It is believed that the hand of Fatma Ana, who is in many cultures, protects from the evil eye. Fatma Ana’s Hand is also referred to as a symbol of loyalty and patience.


The elephant represents facts such as success, strength, productivity, luck, endurance. It is also believed that decorative objects consisting of 7 elephants lined up from large to small bring abundance to the place of residence and give a chance to become a home when they are lined up towards the door.

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