Our immune system is strong, what about our emotional immunity

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Emotional immunity; Personal Development Specialist Müge Çevik, who says that he determines how durable and indomitable we are in the face of the negativities that we encounter in life, emphasizes the importance of the need for your emotional immune system to be strong in order to protect our Yilmaz and to get up again every time.

Even if some people lose their health, they can continue to feel good. Others often feel bad, although they are completely healthy. ‘Emotional Immunity’

If we try to explain the concept of simply, this expression may be appropriate. When we experience very sad things in a row, sometimes it can be very difficult to continue living, stand up again and continue where we left off.

What is emotional immunity

In our age, nobody knows what stress is. Mentioning that individuals need to learn affirmation in order for our emotional immunity to be strong, Çevik says that it is important to accept that everything is temporary and that everything can happen to everyone. Pointing out that we should not believe that good things will happen in life, but the motivation to look for the good in things that look bad should not be lost, says Çevik, “People who can stay away from mental vortices get up faster.” “Since there is no one who knows what stress is in our age, we need to learn how to manage it, take measures to experience less stress and transform all our negative emotions. It is also possible to increase the positive emotions as we can live much longer than they should be. One of the ways for this is more positive situation. or noticing and remembering the event. he explains.

What should we do

– We must learn positivity. We may overestimate positive emotions and behavior. Like smiling…

– We must stay away from mental pitfalls and avoid struggles for superiority and power.

– We must learn to manage negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, and ambition.

– We must find our strengths and try to use more.

Personal Development Specialist Müge Çevik, who says that it is important to find our prominent aspects such as automatic, reflex, which we use frequently in life and where we have difficulties in life, “Social and close relationships are one of the most important bases that raise him when he gets caught in desperation, sadness, despair. The more solid relationship we can say, the more positive emotion and resilience”.

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