Places you can’t get enough of coffee in Istanbul

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Hatr-ı Brown

Hatr-ı Kahve, located on Bağlarbaşı street of Üsküdar, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul, serves its customers with authentic goods of the past. Hatr-ı Kahve, each square meter of which is carefully made and equipped with antiques, takes you a time journey to the old days that you miss so much. The interest and friendliness of the employees make you feel at home. All of the exquisite products they offer you come from their sympathetic cuisines. It may be one of the places you can think of when you say have a coffee.

Moc Nişantaşı

Moc, one of the most famous boutique coffee shops in Nişantaşı, blends 12 coffee beans, collected from different parts of the world, and offers it to you. Unlike chained coffee shops, this boutique shop, which offers you a better coffee experience, opens its doors to you with the friendliness of its employees.

Just Coffee Beşiktaş

Just Coffee is a fun 3-storey store located in Beşiktaş, which is one of the top districts of Istanbul. Just Coffee serves its customers with a rich coffee menu. With Just Coffee coffees, which also have different types of coffee on the menu, coffee enthusiasts take their customers on a trip to astral coffee with a sip.

Wallter’s Coffee Roastery

In this part of the world-famous American-made Breaking Bad series, this theme cafe, where you will feel like a guest actor, offers you a fun coffee making lesson in proportion to the chemistry lesson. Walter’s Coffee, which is a fun place with Breaking Bad concept, of course also offers you different coffee types. While you are drinking your coffee, it gives you a different experience with the chemist’s sense with the yellow overalls.

The House Cafe

It looks a little more intimate and sympathetic than other chained coffee shops. The House Cafe, which shows its difference with the products it offers, makes its customers smile with its speed of service and does not hinder the conversations of its customers.

Poets Coffee

Poetry Coffee, which is a frequent destination for literature and coffee lovers, is one of the cafes that give its name with its poems placed next to the tea and coffee served. Poets with a different concept, besides the poems placed next to the teas and coffees, he also wrote poems on the walls and tables, which are considered the most beautiful poetry for poetry lovers. We also see pictures and most famous words of famous literati on the walls. As an ambiance, we also recommend you to visit this place where you can see yourself in poetry paradise.

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