Psychopathy test

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For many of us, “psychotic”

The word reveals scary mental images of a serial killer or a fictional villain. But the real psychopath can be someone in your daily life. Research shows that many psychopaths enjoy everyday things like drinking coffee and listening to rap music.

Are you interested in a psychopath or are you a psychopath, there is a little scientific way to learn. Canadian psychologist Dr. Created in the 1970s by Robert Hare, “Hare Psychopathy Checklist” asks 20 questions about your true nature.

However, keep in mind that with this test, you cannot officially diagnose only yourself or someone you know as a psychopath. Trust us, it’s good to leave it to the professionals.


For each of the 20 items: No (0), Partially (1), Yes (2) points. The scores are evaluated between 0-40 and Dr. According to Robert Hare, 30 points or more is an indicator of psychopathy.

Fluent speech and superficial charm

2- Seeing yourself exaggeratedly high

3- Need strange, enthusiastic and exciting stimuli. Liking risky things, getting bored very quickly from routine

4- Pathological lying

5- Cunning and manipulative

6- Feeling regret or guilt

7- Less emotionality

8- Merciless and lacking empathy

9- A parasitic lifestyle

10- Weak behavior control

11- Random sexual partner choices

12- Early age problems (behavioral problems before 15 years old, escaping, alcohol, etc.)

13- Lack of realistic and long-term goals

14- Extreme repulsion

15- Irresponsibility

16- Not to accept responsibility for their own behavior

17- Short-term marriages

18- Child crimes

19- Conditional release violation

20- Versatile crimes

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