Refreshing spring tea

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I read somewhere: As nature grows in spring, flowers blossom, grass grows, it takes all this awakening and strength from human energy. And because he gives his energy to nature, he gets tired of himself. This was called spring fatigue. I do not know how true, but a little bit of tales obviously impressed me.

But it is something we hear very often, that our winter bodies find it hard to adapt to this rapid change of weather and increase. Sleep problems, weakness, headaches, depressive states, allergic reactions begin. I share a tea recipe that can be a remedy for such problems and increase your fitness.


500 ml of water,

-4 sprigs of black head grass

-1 teaspoon Hibiscus

-1 tablespoon Echinacea

-1 teaspoon black pepper

-1 teaspoon of cloves

-Half cinnamon

Preparation: Infuse for 10 minutes, water is filtered. Drink with pleasure.

Who can not drink

– Pregnant, lactating, those with chronic high blood pressure and hypoglycaemia.

MWT. Gizem Keservuran

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