She drinks her own urine as if it is not enough. . .

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John Moniz-DePass is a charismatic man who once took part in the most handsome contest of the universe. He has a happy marriage with his wife, Dora Moniz-DePass, but cannot be kissed by his wife. . . You ask why? John, a 46-year-old fitness instructor and Instagram celebrity, recently switched to frutary feeding and started drinking his own urine 5 days a week. Yes, you have not heard wrong; she drinks her own urine and does not consume any other food.



He even took the incident a step further and John Moniz-DePass began to bathe from time to time in his urine. While John Moniz-DePass’s detox expert wife Dora accepted this lifestyle, she did not hesitate to make some decisions. Dora never kisses her husband. The reason is the smell of his wife’s urine, which she drank. . .


Spouse Dora explains what the couple living in Canada said: “I was quite disgusted at first. I had urine in my fridge, so it is not suitable at all. John didn’t tell me that he was interested in urine therapy, I understood from the smell and the image. I was shocked.”


Dora, who treated her husband for the first 6 months; Although she could not bear the first time that her husband took a bath with the urine that she had waited for 6-12 months, she was used to that smell.

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