Social media increases depression

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Expert Advisor Psychologist Ani Eryorulmaz points out that as the time spent on social media increases, the levels of loneliness, anxiety, depression and jealousy of individuals increase.

Psychologist Eryorulmaz, for what others see on social media for us “lives exactly the life I want” emphasizes that it can feel like, while it lists the side effects of time spent on social media without control.

It is limited to what you want to see and show

We know that our sense of happiness is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. Even though the events that occurred physically and emotionally occurred in childhood, it affects the physical and mental health, self-perception and therefore the level of happiness in adult life. Contrary to the belief, in the lives we see on social media, the perfection of work and relationships, physical beauty, enviable holidays are limited to what the individual wants to show.

It can be a fake showcase of life

Unfortunately, having a happy and satisfying life is often measured by our income level, ease of spending and what we can buy and do in life. Social media is the most obvious showcase of this. However, life satisfaction is only affected by positive life conditions for a short time. When you reach the goal you want to have, your happiness level increases for the first six to nine months and then gradually returns to the point where you do not have this goal.

Increases the effort to be as unseen as

He tries to fit into the body he sees on social media, in those pants and when he doesn’t as “bad” or “missing” the number of women seeing, and especially young people, is increasing considerably. Especially his attempt to resemble physical appearance causes deep deep wounds in the soul and body.

The sense of authenticity is disappearing

Selfies, travels, meals that we share on social media are far from reflecting our real personality, so in relationships. “not being authentic” is passing the feeling to the opposite side.

Thanks to our relationship with our smart phones, not only social media, face-to-face relationship is replaced by virtual communication.

Can strengthen the feeling of being deceived

There are also separate discussion topics on the social media, where the individual has a separate life, the ciphers become a discussion between the spouses, there is no agreement on what behavior on social media will endanger marriage, and what will be interpreted in infidelity or infidelity on social media.

Shadows the authenticity of relationships

The use of social media to solve problems between couples is another problem. After a big discussion, the desire to show how much one spouse loved the other, found it valuable, or how good they have had a shadow on the authenticity and naturalness of the relationship.

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