Taurus 2019 love marriage relationship review

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Taurus according to 2019 love marriage relationship comment Bulls by year January 21

The full lunar eclipse that takes place in will start by bringing important emotional results and issues to your life for the last time in your home, nursery and family areas. During this period, you will be open to problems in a business and you may have the chance to carry the effect of this to your home and family.

February 19

The Full Moon formed in will concern your love life. As a result of your social environment relationships, if there is no person in your life, you can be introduced to a new person. You may come across love in the circles you enter.

March 5

In Mercury is starting its first decline this year. Until March 28, you should pay attention to your communication with your friends and social circle. Communication problems may arise between you and your environment.

March 6 ‘

With the Yen Moon formed in , changes may occur in your surroundings.

The sacrifices you will make to your friends in April may be high. You should use the New Moon formed on April 5 to leave your old and challenging habits. This new Moon will not support you in your steps.

Again, you can get good opportunities on April 7-10 in important steps you will take with your environment.

April 23, you may encounter quick and unexpected effects on family matters. Open your heart to the changes and welcome the different formations that life will bring.

At the beginning of May, you can concentrate on your plans while effectively gathering your strength on family matters.

As of May 15, you are literally leaving behind the doubts in your head and the difficulties on you. You will care about your beauty, renew yourself and be ready for innovations.

May 18

The Full Moon, which will be formed in , will allow you to focus on your private life and relationships. Emotional issues may arise in your partner’s life and you may be interested in these issues. Or a decision you can make in your private life may be put into action. Your relationships are visibly ahead in this Full Moon.

June 27

After , if you have issues such as real estate purchase, sale, relocation, your communication speeds up. You will handle all kinds of issues related to your family and make your organizational skills talk.

In July, dear Bulls, you will experience two eclipses full of ethics that will speed up your immediate communications.

July 2

Total solar eclipse in will occur in your immediate vicinity. People near you; You can witness changes in the lives of your relatives, siblings, cousins ​​or close friends.

July 8 ‘, Mercury is starting to decline in your family and home areas. Stay away from important decisions that concern your family until July 19. Pay attention to your communication with people in your family. Your communication with your immediate family from July 19 to August 1 can be problematic.

July 16

The partial Lunar Eclipse that takes place in , if your partner has siblings, the changes and transformations in their lives can also reflect on your life.

July 23

After you will give yourself to your family life, your home. You can share the topics of your immediate environment with your family and transfer the solutions you find or find.

July 28 and after, you can change your home for three weeks and start decorating. A suitable period is beginning for the paint, whitewash, renovation and repair.

You start August with the New Moon that will occur in your home, family home. Be careful about the housework you take off around August 2.

7-8-21 August will be your pleasure in your family life. High monetary returns can make you spend for your family and as a result make your home more beautiful. It’s a good time to buy a house and get into a loan.

August 15 ‘

The Full Moon formed in can turn your perception of a rapid development in your business life in this period when you direct your energy to your family. In any case, you can stay between the two parties during the Full Moon times. Try to balance well during this period.

August 18

After , you will spend your energy on your love life, the subjects that give you pleasure, your child or your children, if any. By the end of August, your love will come to the fore in your life. After 21-23 August, pleasant organizations, parties, news can make you happy. If you want children, you can evaluate this period.

26-30 August dates will provide nice expansions and if you need to make important decisions about your love life, you should take action on the New Moon that occurred on August 30 and after.

With the positive effects you will get from the new moon in September, you will start with pleasant and loving interactions. 1-2-5-68-9-13 September are the dates your life smiles at you. On the other hand, people in your social circle can mislead you on 4-7-10-14 September. If you meet someone these days, do not raise the other side in your eyes too much.

September 14 ‘

The Full Moon, which takes place in , can test your relationships with some of your friends in your social circle. If you care about your environment, if you care about it. Conflicts in financial matters with a friend can pose problems. On September 21, there is a possibility that the issues of money and your relationship will be revealed.

October 3

After , you will take care of the details of your private life and direct your communication to the person you love.

October 8

As of , as Venus enters your relationships, you will concentrate on your private relationships, and you will want to strengthen your ties with the person you love. If there is a person in your life, you can fall on it and tire it with your jealousy and pressure. Stay calm in the relationships you will establish in the steps to be taken jointly, your passionate behaviors can put your work into trouble.

October 13

The Full Moon formed in may confuse an inner face of an event. You can experience a full moon where your anxieties will be high and your anxieties will be high.

7-13-28 October Copulations can be seen in your relationships. Don’t push the terms and situations too hard. Your frustrations will be high.

You can put your decisions about your relationship into your life with the New Moon formed on October 28. Mercury, which will begin the last decline of the year on October 31, can bring old issues and events repeatedly to be resolved. If you are looking for a solution in your relationship, you will benefit from this decline.

You may come across old love between 31 October and 20 November or you can see that your relationships are open to communication difficulties that you used to live.

November will appear as a month where you will deal with the issues in your relations, make plans by acting with your social circle, correct the situations, and make a decision to make a trip that you previously planned with your loved one. You will encounter good results in your 8-9-10-11 November relations.

November 12

In the Full Moon formed in , you can make decisions for yourself and your private life together. This Full Moon can decide exactly what is happening in your relationship, you can find yourself in sensitive formations.

Wait for Mercury to recover on November 20 before concentrating on these decisions. Then you can see your way more easily.

In your private life, you can continue your journey on December 3-8, with the decks you will receive from the person you love.

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