The key to happy marriage is healthy sex life

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Stating that both the communication and sexuality between spouses should go smoothly for a healthy marriage, the experts emphasized the importance of talking about the problems of the spouses for a happy marriage and a healthy sex life, stating that the problems in both areas will affect each other.

It is celebrated every year as September 4, World Sexual Health Day in the world. Clinical Psychologist Çiğdem Demirsoy from Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital provided important information on the importance of sexuality among couples on World Sexual Health Day.

Sexual problems also disrupt relationships

“Most sexual problems are solvable problems when dealt with appropriate methods” says Çiğdem Demirsoy, “For this reason, sexuality should not be seen as an issue to be ashamed and hidden. Seeking help should be seen. Various psycho-social problems can be seen in people who experience sexual dysfunction, in themselves as well as in their partners. With sexual therapy, these can be thoroughly evaluated and understood. Problems in sexual life can lead to conflicts and deterioration of relationships between couples when they are not dealt with in a timely manner. When sexual problems are handled by appropriate methods and techniques in time, other problems such as marriage and relationship conflicts will be prevented. ” said.

Sexual problems arise from ignorance

Stating that lack of information and faulty learning are the basis of many of the sexual problems, Demirsoy continued his words as follows: “Incorrect knowledge and beliefs lead to various sexual dysfunctions, leading to exaggerated sexual expectations or anxiety about sexual intercourse. The most common sexual dysfunction in men is impotence (no hardening) and premature ejaculation. Involuntary contraction of the muscles at the entrance of the vagina to the extent that they do not have an orgasm and vaginismus is the most common sexual function problems that make sexual intercourse impossible. . “

Give your children correct information

Adolescence is a period in which reproductive ability is gained and interest in sexuality increases. In addition, sexual preference becomes evident in this period and the need to become an individual is in the foreground. For a healthy sexual development, it is necessary to obtain correct information starting from childhood before adolescence. At this point, it is important how families give their children sexual education and, more importantly, what kind of personality they bring. Since sexual intercourse is also a form of relationship between the two people, it will contribute to a healthy sex life by acquiring features such as relationship with people and communication skills and taking responsibility until adolescence.

Do not escape your child’s questions

It is important how to tell the child rather than what is told in sexual education. The questions asked by the child should be given answers that are not evasive, clearly appropriate for their age and understanding. It will be guided for parents to know what age is seen in children.

General considerations are to ensure that the child accepts his own body and establishes sexual identity, to teach that the genitals are not bad, dirty and dangerous, and to prevent sexual fears and anxieties.

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