The Most Stylish New Year’s Table Great Ideas for 2019

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Your table decoration should be perfect for your guests. For the most elegant Christmas table, you can take inspiration from our tips and prepare a wonderful table.

As the evening gets longer, the New Year’s table starts to fill up. That’s why table decoration should always be clearly arranged. With a symmetrical layout, a complex image is prevented, and attention is focused entirely on food.

Be careful to use no more than two colors in tableware decoration. Thus, you can get an elegant and more elegant atmosphere with your table. This will be much more suitable for a special table like Christmas.

Do you want to serve your guests a few menus? For this, plates, cutlery and glasses are arranged according to a certain basic rule. The cutlery is arranged, for example, from outside to inside according to the menu you will offer. May your table be the feast itself!

Service plates are the most important plates that attract attention. You can make it the most favorite part of the table with a beautiful napkin. For special evenings like Christmas, you can choose quality cloth napkins and elegant napkin rings.

It doesn’t matter how many people will come for the New Year. You can make your table even more enjoyable with a special name card for your guests even if they are few. Your guest, who sees his name on the table, will feel much more privileged.

The recommended place per person can vary from 50 to 70 cm. Although eyes need to be saturated and sitting closer on New Year’s Eve is inevitable, it should not be overlooked to create a comfortable and comfortable space. Therefore, avoid excessively large table ornaments. If candlesticks or flowers take up too much space on the table and are obstructed, you can remove them to your buffet. With small but elegant ornaments, you can catch the desired table elegance.

With the materials you collect from nature, you can decorate your table and catch a nice atmosphere. The cone of the spruce or pine tree, which you collect especially in the cold outside, begins to open slowly in the heat inside. It gives the environment both a pleasant crackling sound and a pleasant smell.

You can create a snow nature on your table with crystal sugar. To do this, pour a lot of sugar on your table and put a few tealights around it. Candlelight will make the sugar shine even more beautiful. Or decorate the serving plates: Put a cake grill on a dark plate and sift icing sugar over it. Carefully lift the grill. Here is your ornament, which resembles snowflakes.

A dim light: cheer your table with candlesticks
You can strengthen the ambiance of your New Year’s table with candlesticks. The romantic air of the candle light adds a nice effect to the environment by turning your porcelain and glasses in a beautiful color. However, take into consideration the danger of being burned against the ornaments on the table that can catch fire. You can also catch the candle effect with LED lights. Today’s LED light products do not look for candles and offer the same effect. The advantage is that there is no burning hazard. Because they are usually covered with wax, they feel like real candles. But neither wax is poured on the table nor any other stains or marks remain.

Let the decorations of your Christmas tree find a place on your table
You can evaluate the decorations of your Christmas tree to keep the holiday breeze on your Christmas table. Because everything that decorates your Christmas tree can also decorate your table. For this, take an elegant plate or a decorative vase and fill it as you wish. Place the larger balls down, the little ones down, or you can bake or decorate fancy cookies. Or this time you can use folded plates as table decoration instead of desserts. You can equip each solid with ornaments of different colors and decorate it as you wish according to your eye taste.

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