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Today I came to make fun of life. That’s why I decided to deal with horoscopes. First of all, I have to say that I have absolutely no claim or knowledge. I know what I read like you. But sometimes it is necessary to make fun of ourselves and discover the colors of life.

We will be in Cancer in 2 days after this is the reason that I start with Crabs. Otherwise, I don’t have a grudge to get them…


The sentences that we will read in a moment are absolutely fictitious and you “Oh, this feature reflects me exactly”

Unless you say it has nothing to do with the facts from a distance.

General features

As I have read and understood the beautiful 29 letters of our beautiful Turkish, the Crabs were summarized as follows: They hate the confusion of their private belongings and who feel great anger and do not want to learn what they have kept secret.

Now I ask you, is there anybody who enjoys this?

Anyway, I pass without getting stuck. As far as I can observe around me, Crabs are sweet and sweet people, because they can’t go further with this sensuality and melancholy. I can also say that they are impatient and when I say this, I would remind you that my subject count is maximum 10.

Loving Crabs

Hah yeah, that’s a complete description. This is neither love nor ah, they may be the equivalent of the sentence. Because it seems that the people he loves very soon turn into his personal belongings that they never want to be confused about. Do you ever get tired or bored?

Curiosity to the appearance

Although their emotional aspects are dominant, when it comes to external beauty, they almost turn into a mechanism. If my lipstick is like this, let’s say that rim is like this, time flows like water in front of the mirror. Being beautiful is of course beautiful, but if these apps don’t like themselves at the end, they will definitely not go out and will go into instant depression with a sudden maneuver.

Amaan honey, let’s confess courage. We are here; no secret 🙂

Isn’t it selfish, dear?

On the other hand, he is selfish. No? No, it is selfish like honey. Whether there is a zodiac sign right after the twins, what is a couple of characters as well as possible.

First of all, nobody knows something better than Cancer, let everyone know their limits, dear. Nobody has a say at the tables he is. After all, Cancer has to define the task of knowingness loaded onto the world…

Mother lamb ponice Crab

Yes, he is also a full mother. Let her go from a room away from her mother, she will drop her lips not too long.

This mother-of-lamb state, after a while, pushes her to wait for the life-long prince of the white horse.

Crab in Love

When that white horse prince awaits the crab arrives or a Cancer man finds the woman he will fall in love with, his feet no longer rest on the ground. They are at least as long as to reach the leaves where the giraffes lie.

Even after all this waiting, a relationship full of tides awaits them. Because in essence, a Cancer is always confused.

If the crab hates it

You did something that the crab did not like and you won his hatred. Then bury your head in the sand like a ostrich or move away from the scene as fast as possible.

Because in such a situation, Cancer’s wrath could leave everything around the effect of scattered glass pieces. I’m not kidding, I say look. The glass and vase that he received at that moment will break and relax whatever it is.

That’s why I advise you; if you have fallen into a Crab’s wrath circle, if possible, the diameters of the circle should not fall within the borders of the kitchen.

Joking aside, everything is a bit to laugh and have fun, to smile a little with a few things to come alive. Otherwise, how boring is life …

Let’s meet with Aslan next month.

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