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We have compiled the answers of the questions of what is waiting for Cancer in 2019 with Cancer 2019 comments. This year, with the effects you get from Saturn, your responsibilities continue in the field of marriage, bilateral relations and common affairs, dear Crabs and rising Crabs. If you are married, you can take new responsibilities and encounter events that will review the soundness of your relationships. Whether your marriages are based on a real foundation, how honest you are with your partner, are the top questions you need to ask yourself. What you really expect from a relationship, what you get in return and what you give will gain importance in this process.

If you are single, you can try to take responsibility for your relationships and move them to a serious platform. Perhaps you have escaped from marriage so far, but this year will be open to responsibility, you will start thinking about marriage.

You will see what you have done in 2019, and the more crops you have worked. It will be easy this year to serve others, change jobs, start a new job, get involved in new projects and choose the job that suits you. You will not be unemployed, you will find ways to engage yourself and to add new business opportunities to your life. Beautiful changes can occur in the lives of the people you work with. There may be good developments in the lives of people you work with or will work with you. You will not be afraid to work with people, you will enjoy.

Crabs born between 2-24 July may have some difficulties this year. Saturn, who is at the opposite angle, may cause them to experience various troubles with their authority and male figures, bosses, spouses or fathers. If you were born between these dates, you should be open to changes in you, you should not be demoralized immediately in the face of negativity and you should not have the impression that life is against you.


As of the first day of the new year, you will turn your energy into your career and business fields, dear Crabs and rising Crabs. The responsibilities of your private lives, the obligation of an important move or a monetary issue will make you look at life more seriously.

The partial solar eclipse that occurred on January 6 will enable you to make important expansions in your work you want to do jointly, discipline and pressure, and achieve good results.

You will do your work and the order of your daily life voluntarily after January 7th. If you are an employer, you can recruit staff.

You can question your belief in your business areas around January 13, and display fanatic behaviors in the face of your own thoughts and influences from your environment. In this period when you will be sure of your own right, you can easily make mistakes, and if you have a case, you may have problems.

Keeping the full Moon on January 21 may bring important expansions on material matters. If you have encountered some difficulties with monetary issues, you may have money in this retention time or you may be more interested in the money that comes into your pocket. Again, during this eclipse, pay attention to the people and institutions you do business with, and you will be open to misconceptions in your relationships. The dates that support you in your money and business life will be January 22-25-30.

Rapid developments can occur in your business life at the beginning of February. You may be open to some power struggles with the people with whom you conduct business. Try to use your energy not for yourself, but for the benefit of your environment.

The New Moon, formed on February 4, can speed up decisions you need to make on common monetary issues. You can put your new ideas into practice. February 8 is a great date in this sense. You will be lucky and opportunity in your business areas.

As of February 10, works and meetings with foreign people come to the fore. You can come across important developments and different works in the fields of travel, commerce and media on February 10-18.

You will love to take risks in your career and your business in the environments that you will consider on February 13, and you will be in sudden and rapid formations. This can also indicate sudden decisions you have to make.

At the beginning of March, you can strengthen your relations in your common monetary affairs. If you are considering getting credit, take this step by passing 1 March.

Starting the first decline of this year on March 5, Mercury may raise some troubles and problems in your works for your future, jobs to be done with foreigners, travel and education areas. You should avoid major signatures and agreements by 28 March.

Again, pay attention to the promises you will make on March 14-16; In your business areas, you can discard them in large quantities and overlook the details.

After March 31, you will need to use your energy correctly. In your career and business advances, you may have to do your struggles more deeply and secretly, you may have difficulty in using your energy properly. Avoid momentary emotions and anger bursts.

In April, you are under creative and productive ethics in your communicative works, but you can also be easily influenced by ideas and thoughts. Don’t let your indecision block you and slow you down.

For 15 days after April 5, you can make good progress in your career and activate your business starts. Make a note of 7-12-14 April. With the right energy you will get from these days, you can make your breakthroughs in this period.

On April 10, Jupiter falls back. Slacks and delays may occur in the opportunities that you encounter in your business and service areas. In this period, you will see how you deal with the opportunities and what you are doing and make changes in your decisions accordingly.

Avoid negative effects on the developments in your business areas in May. You can see that your ideas are not supported and you can react negatively to this. You will feel these effects on 1-2-7-9 May.

After May 21, you can now retreat to your own corner. It is important to monitor the events from the background and not to be one to one. If you have a job that you are dealing with from the background, you will manage these jobs more easily because you have returned to yourself in this period. But if you have jobs that you need to consider, this may force you.

You will not be supported for beginnings and steps in the New Moon on June 3. You should plan your business and pursue what you need to complete rather than big jobs.

Watch out for your private life, relationships and of course your common steps and jobs on June 14. It will not be easy to progress in these areas. You may think that you are stopped, you cannot progress, you can go over the same issues many times. These effects may become more visible on June 16-20.

With the Full Moon formed on June 17, you can make important decisions in your business and service areas. These emotional decisions can include different and different chances.

On July 8, Mercury will decline in your money fields. Do not spend big money, do not make commercial ventures until 19 July. From July 19 to August 1, Mercury will regress in your sign. You will be open to misunderstandings. Pay attention to the words that will come out of your mouth. You can find a way to recover situations on July 25.

Monetary imbalances, jams in payments, frictions with people you work with may appear on July 11-30.

Mercury is recovering at the beginning of August, you will relax. With the New Moon formed on August 1, important steps and decisions on monetary issues may come into play. You are entering a month where your attempts will be rewarded.

You will have good opportunities in monetary terms on August 7-8-21. While your financial opportunities make your face laugh, don’t be afraid to focus on your relationship problems. Your festive time relationships can be stressful.

With the improvement of Jupiter on August 11, the delays and setbacks in your business, service areas start to ease.

As of August 18, you will spend your energy on your communicative work. You can be a good worker in your jobs that require computing, social media, research and detail, and you can handle things quickly and properly.

You can start your communicative works and initiatives in the New Moon on August 30. If you have a business in sales, advertising, marketing, promotion, technology or computer, you should make important starts on this date and after.

You will enter September with strong and stable effects. With the effect of the New Moon, you will be able to move easily in areas where you need to venture. You will gather your works on 2-3-4 September with your hardworking aspect.

On 7-10-14 September, your ideas can be complex, blurry and unstable. Do not rely on the information you receive from your environment, deceit can occur.

Dolunay, which takes place on October 13, will bring emotional themes to your career field.

As of November 1, you will enter a period in which you will love your work and daily runs and will be happy to serve others. Beauties can occur in your relationships with people you work with or work with.

You will deal with the events in your social circle with the Full Moon formed on November 12. You will encounter rapid developments and results in crowded places, communities, associations, important works that will concern your future.

After November 22, you will head towards your business and service areas. The chances and opportunities you get at the beginning of the year will be active again after this date. You can come up with great opportunities on November 24-28-30.

The new moon formed on November 26 will wink at you to make quick decisions in your business areas. You can start a new job, apply for a job, if you are a business owner, you can start recruiting staff and give life to a project.

As of December 9, you will activate important business meetings and meetings.

A subject and an event may challenge you a little on 12 December. You may encounter important results in matters related to your business.

After 20 December, you will come across beautiful results and solutions on common monetary issues. A monetary obligation may be involved in the face of your responsibilities in your private life. You can go under a loan or a loan. Pay attention to the misleading effects in your business talks on December 20, do not believe what you are told immediately.


This year, you should be more friendly and understanding in your private life. It may be difficult for you to distance yourself from your partner. When you do not see the reaction you expect from the other side, do not overlook the events too much. Pay special attention to your relationships in July. Eclipses that you will live in between January and July can speed up decisions in your private life.

As of the first day of the new year, the responsibilities of your private life, the obligation of an important move or a monetary issue will make you look at life more seriously.

As of January 5, a period begins in which you will talk about your private life, marriage and relationships, and you will focus on the issues in a more concrete way. Your more precise, skeptical and somewhat negative point of view in the events in this area may be active on January 2-13-18.

The partial solar eclipse that occurred on January 6th may cause you to take responsibility for an important relationship. This may be a relationship that will change and transform you. Important decisions about your marriage can take quick and responsible steps. You can achieve important expansions and results with responsibility, discipline and pressure in your works you want to do jointly. If your grandfather lives, you can deal with his health and problems in his daily life. A sudden move may come to the agenda.

You can lean on your relationship in your private life after January 4 and strengthen your relationship in areas where you have problems with your loved one.

You will turn your perception into a close environment in the Full Moon formed on February 19. While dealing with long-term and broad-term issues, shorter-term events in your immediate environment will be your focus. Events in the life of your relative and / or sibling may appear in this Full Moon.

At the beginning of March, your relationships may be difficult. You can be over-controlling your loved one and be open to tensions in your family environment.

Keep in mind that Mercury is regressing as the New Moon on March 6 speeds up your next steps. Again on this date, Uranus passes to your social environment areas in order not to come out again. After this date, your friends and social circle will start to change, you will like new and different environments, and you will start to see things with different eyes.

In your private life, important decisions and travel plans that you will make with the people you love can come to the fore on 9-10-13-16 March.

The Full Moon formed on March 21 can bring new and quick emotional decisions in your family environment. Issues related to your home and settlement are also gaining importance. Keep your career and family areas in balance, pay attention to disagreements in social circles.

After 26 March, your travels can accelerate, you will be happy to see different places. While the sacrifices you will make to others are high, you can get good support from your environment and friends.

April 19 can bring Full Moon again to family matters. You can face the consequences of your emotional decisions you encountered last month. Staying up to justice and caring for the other side more than your own needs may tire you in this Full Moon.

Be prepared for unexpected, surprise effects in your social environments on April 23. The stretching of Pluto on April 24 and Saturn on April 30 will allow you to reconsider your private life and face your problems.

The New Moon, which occurred on May 5, can speed up the issues and events in your social circle. After May 6, your communication with your social circle will accelerate. You can drop your ideas and make plans with your friends.

You will attract people’s attention in the social circles you will enter after May 15. Establishing good relationships is a great process to meet new people in the circles you will enter.

After May 16, you will devote your energy to family issues and your private life. During this period, stay away from susceptibility in social settings. Permanent steps can be taken in your love life on May 16-17-18. A relationship that you will encounter during this period will be long-term and serious.

At the beginning of June, beautiful formations in your social environment, permanent relationships in your private life will prevent you from dealing with important issues. In fact, this will be fine, because you will not be supported for beginnings and steps in the New Moon that occurred on June 3.

As of June 4, Mercury is on your sign right on the eve of the eve. As a person who cares about the past, traditions, you will want to be with your family and loved ones on this holiday.

Watch out for your private life, relationships and of course your common steps and jobs on June 14. It will not be easy to progress in these areas. You may think that you have been stopped and that you have not been able to progress, and you can go through the same issues many times. These effects may become more visible on June 16-20.

You will experience two eclipses that will affect your private life in July, dear Crabs. This month you should pay extra attention to your relationships and its requirements. Your susceptibility may be intense at the beginning of the month.

Your energy fields are changing; Spending on love, pleasure, your child and your hobbies can speed up. Total solar eclipse that occurs on July 2 can bring about significant changes in your physical image in your life, unexpected and sudden events. You will make important decisions and do not care about your private life responsibilities. This can make problems more visible in your relationship. Especially if you were born around July 2 (-, + 3 days), you should be ready for new formations that will change your life and highlight you.

A period when you will feed yourself, be social and care about yourself starts on July 3 and beyond.

9-14-17-21 July are times when you need to be careful. You can approach your relations with suspicion, think that you are not loved, and be disapproved in your ideas.

As of August 18, you will shift your energy to topics that are happening around you. While your brothers, relatives and neighbors feed on your energy, you may be inclined to criticize them. Your circle can teach you a lot until the end of August. You can be happy with pleasant changes. Use your environmental affairs on August 26-28-30.

Dear Crabs, you will enter September with strong and stable ethics. You can ensure the confidence and stability you seek in your private relationships.

The Dolunay, which was activated on 14 September, may bring you an important trip. You may receive news from your distant relatives or have to deal with larger jobs. Again, your actions or actions against you in this Full Moon will be misleading. You must use your energy correctly.

Problems may arise in your family environment and relationships with your spouse on September 22-25. You may think that you are not loved and force the other party. During this period, problems may arise in matters related to your spouse’s career.

With September 28, you can start topics related to your family, home and home. You should make important and new decisions with this New Moon. Long-term and permanent steps can be taken in cases such as home exchange and purchase.

At the beginning of October, your doubts may be intense. In your private life, you will be focused on crises and issues that need to change.

From October 3, you can talk about love, take time for your hobbies, and speed up your communication with your child. In this process, avoid sharp words in your love life, you will love pinning.

After 4 October, you will spend your energy on your family and your home. Relationships in your family life are gaining importance, but while you spend your energy in these relationships, do not confuse your words.

Conflicts and problems between your social circle become more evident on 7-13-28 October. You should control your frustrations well and not resist the situations that will occur.

In Dolunay, which takes place on October 13, beautiful opportunities can occur in your home and family life, but it will not be easy to achieve the same stability in your environmental relations.

Balance, harmony and maturity will be in effect in your private life on 16-20-21-25 October.

While the new moon formed on October 28 will activate your love life, you will be open to new formations and decisions about the child, not just love.

On October 31, Mercury begins to decline in your love house. Past love affairs can be brought up again until November 20. You can get news from people from the past. In this period, you should pay attention to your communication with the person in your life or with your child, if any.

On November 5, you should use your power in your home, family and home areas in a controlled manner. Severe, dramatic events can occur in your family life. Or the crises in your spouse’s business life may be confused today.

As of November 19, your energy fields are changing. You will leave your occupations behind your family environments, turn towards more entertaining, enjoyable subjects, love, children, artistic works and deal with these issues.

On November 24, your environmental relations can strain your private life. Please do not take risks in this period, please avoid defenses and defenses.

In the last month of the year, Jupiter goes to Capricorn at 2 Aar. Your Jupiter bilateral relations that move into your relationship areas can speed up your work in your partner business. You will achieve good results in these areas with patience, honor and hard work. You will get away from your exaggerated aspects by reviewing your expectations of the opposite sex. Enjoy your love life in December 3-8.

The partial solar eclipse that occurred on December 26 can bring quick start and decisions in your private life, relationships, and business with you to take joint steps. A day later, lucky expansions may occur in your private relationships with the effect of the Sun, which is in conjunction with Jupiter. You should approach the issues more calmly and develop practical methods. You can act on issues related to moving to another place, country.


This year, you will not have much trouble for your health. Jupiter’s circulation in your healthcare areas can make it easier to gain weight. To do this, increase your exercises and create a healthy nutrition program. When Jupiter falls back, take care of your health from 10 April to 11 August.

If you have problems with your milking on or after January 7, you can make progress.

The full Moon health on June 17 can bring sensitive days in a blend. You can take important decisions in your daily life, start diet, and make changes in your diet.

As of November 26, you will implement your new health decisions. You can start diet, review your diet, add new practices and healing methods in your daily life.

You can review your health and have your checks on December 9 and for the next two weeks.

Since you don’t have control of your life on December 12, you can have the most spiritual difficulties. Take care of your health.

(Excerpt from Elele magazine Hande Kazanova Astrology 2019 book)

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