To-do list for your child during the semester break

The expected semester break started after an intense education period. A semester break is a chance for children to learn how to spend quality time, as well as the opportunity to have fun and rest. In this period of parents, gathering their children, brushing their teeth, etc. Experts, who stated that they can give daily responsibilities, suggested that parents plan a work list they can do with their children.

Expert Clinical Psychologist Aynur Sayım made a suggestion about the semester break, by saying “give your child daily responsibilities during the holiday”, to turn the semester holiday for the children into a time they both have fun and learn.

Aynur Sayım, who said, “The holiday period for children is a time when they plan to do what they miss, and how they can be taught how to spend their spare time more effectively” Emphasizing that the semester holiday should be evaluated well, “We all take a break from our routine work and rest ourselves on vacation, we think about having fun; But of course, this also has a border frame. ”

Holidays are a good opportunity to learn to spend quality time

Specialist noted that holidays are a good opportunity to learn how to use time efficiently. Clinical Psychologist Aynur Sayım said, “If the child has learned to manage his time well, this attitude will be reflected in his activities and activities on vacation, how he spends time with his friends, how much of his time is devoted to his friends and how much. Regarding the internal discipline we bring to our child, we must first teach the child to make good use of his free time. Parents should guide their child in this matter. Being able to manage our time well allows us to use the time wisely and obtain efficient and productive results. Spending the holiday satisfying; it will make us happy, make us feel valuable and rest. Of course, the holiday for the child expresses a more flexible period of time during which one is free and rested from a planned and regular environment. The guidance of parents should be involved in how the child will spend the holiday. ”

Plan a “to-do list” with your child

The census states that a work list can be planned for children with their families or on their own initiative, “It also teaches how to plan daily activities, set goals and act accordingly. This is actually the teaching and learning process. “The choice of friends and learning communication techniques are the same quality.”

Aynur Sayım listed her suggestions about the semester break as follows:

Don’t put pressure on your child

It is important for families to help them plan an activity without involving much intervention, keeping the expectation from the child high, giving the opportunity to rest and have fun. Of course, the friends they choose, their environments, families should be supervised. But while doing this, it is important to be attentive without putting too much pressure. During the holiday period, it will be useful to add short lesson repetitions and book reading hours in daily plans in order not to forget the information that children have learned during the semester and to prepare for the new education period.

Give daily responsibilities

It will be useful to underline that giving children daily responsibilities such as gathering their room, brushing their teeth, and directing them to their favorite activities such as sports, chess and drama will contribute to their physical and social development.

Beware of game addiction!

“The screen occupies an important place in all of our lives, but to the extent necessary, it is undoubtedly indispensable in terms of improving our quality of life, communication, education and access to easy information; However, the use of addictions can decrease the social sharing of children and young people and everyone can lead to inwardness, tendency to a virtual world, lack of real problem solving skills, attention and concentration, thus slowness in learning speed and deterioration in social relations. ”

“We cannot ignore the aspects of games that provide emotional discharge. “When used mildly, it can be beneficial for the child to relieve the feelings of anger and aggression, as well as the tendency to such games and the selection of such games can also point to an existing psychiatric condition.”

Wanting to play games means “I need you”

Saying that the children who spend most of their time on the screen cannot be socialized, Sayım said, “He cannot establish adequate and healthy communication with the family and the environment, so the development of language, social development, motor development, in short, it slows down or regresses in all areas. Our children want to play with us and they often say that. Some parents do not like to play, they refuse or pass over this request. However, the child is saying, “I need you, I want to contact you, we can improve our relationship in this way”. For this reason, we want the parents to play with their child during the family play hours and also with the child, and we use the game both in collecting information and in psychotherapy in our studies.

Virtual environment creates social relationship difficulties

Expert Clinical Psychologist Aynur Sayım said, “When computer games are chosen correctly and used sufficiently, it can be enriching in terms of causing the child-young person to experience experiences such as responses to sound, light, motion stimuli, problem solving, and different ways to reach the goal; However, if this is the only way of communication that the child establishes with other people, that is, if it is always in a virtual environment, then there may be a danger such as there is a difficulty or may occur in social relations ”.

“Social phobia” occurs in the child who turns to digital environment!

“In many social phobia cases, we see that children prefer this way for communication. The child can turn to computer games because he / she cannot behave comfortably in the society and hides himself, and because his communication skills are limited. He builds a virtual world for himself. When this situation becomes addictive; there were cases where only the food and toilet needs were met and the computer was not left. In this way, they exist themselves in the virtual world, they feel they exist. In recent years, a lot of time has been devoted to computer games by both children and parents. Parents can perceive playing computer games together as spending quality time together. This situation has many drawbacks. The child, who spends most of his time at the computer, cannot socialize, communicate with the family and the environment in an adequate and healthy way. Art works, cut-do, origami, play dough, model making, painting, painting etc. providing material and guidance to the child for his / her studies will be supportive.

Are parents caused by computer addiction?

Modeling is also an important issue here. If parents, family members have a great interest in computers and telephones, the reason why the child is a computer addict can easily be explained, considering that children learn about parents by modeling their personality development. If the family has poor discipline, if there is such a model, if the child has emotional neglect, if the child is breathing comfortably while spending time at home, these children are at higher risk. “

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