What can be done to protect against anthrax when buying meat

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What is anthrax? What can be done to protect against anthrax? How to know if anthrax is in meat? After the Eid al-Adha, news in Silivri frightened everyone. Everyone became afraid while buying meat from the butcher. Anthrax, a microbial disease originally seen in animals; It is formed by contact with microbe-containing animal organs, or eating meat of animal meat, mainly parts such as wool, hair and hides. Stating that it is possible to treat the disease with antibiotics, experts underline that people who are suspected of illness should definitely contact an infectious diseases specialist. Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Yakup Hakan Başaran gave important information about anthrax disease that threatened public health.


Explain that inhalation of particles containing rarely microbes can also cause life-threatening lung anthrax. Dr. Yakup Hakan Başaran stated the symptoms of the disease as follows: “After skin contact, the incubation period is 1-7 days to create the symptoms of infection of the bacteria. The symptoms begin as an itchy rash, and within 1-2 days after the onset of symptoms, this swelling first becomes a vesicle filled with fluid and then a carved wound in the middle. This wound is painless, but sometimes itching may occur. Over time, the wound ties to a black admission and heals in a few patients, leaving a permanent scar. Starting from the mouth with the eating of micro animal products, anthrax disease may develop in the entire digestive tract and it is more difficult to diagnose since it can be mixed with other diseases. ”


Stating that it is possible to treat the disease with antibiotics, Başaran said, “People who suspect that the disease is present should definitely contact an infectious diseases specialist. Microbiological diagnosis with the samples sent to the laboratory is cheap, practical and absolutely necessary. In the case of definitive diagnosis, the region where the disease is seen is quarantined and there is an obligation to report the disease internationally. ”


Infectious Diseases Specialist Yakup Hakan Başaran listed what needs to be done to protect against anthrax as follows:

1. Infected animals should be identified at their source and animals should be vaccinated,

2. Those working in epidemic areas should wear gloves, protective equipment and special filter respirators.

3. People with suspected contact should be washed with plenty of soap and water, the use of bleach is unnecessary until the definitive diagnosis is made, but the materials (knives, utensils, etc.) and clothing should be washed with 1/10 diluted bleach after the final diagnosis is made.

4. Suspicious animal organs and parts, as well as the clothes of the person should be carried in three layers of plastic and cleaned, and contamination should be prevented from there.

5. Antibiotic therapy should be planned for the persons who come into contact.

6. Vaccination is available, but vaccination is not recommended, except for risky occupational groups.

7. Even if it is possible to treat it, it is not recommended to consume the animal and animal products that contain the microbe, even if it is cooked well, as it will not prevent the disease.

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