What is waiting for the love life of Gemini 2019?

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Gemini 2019 love marriage relationship comments will be under the influence of Jupiter. This year, you should definitely bring the developer effects of Jupiter on relationships into your life. In January, you will have the chance and opportunities in your private relationships, dear Gemini and rising Gemini. On the first day of January, you will begin to spend your energy in your social environment relationships and in your friend environments.

After January 7, you will have more time for your spouse and loved ones. You will attach importance to beautifying your relationship and traveling together. You will see that luck and opportunities come from the partner and you will get important expansions.

On January 13, you should not be overly fanatic about something for the family. Scandalous events may occur in the relationship between your spouse and family, but your reactions will be important for both you and your partner.

You can focus on what’s happening around you in the full Lunar eclipse that takes place on January 21. Developments in the life of your relatives or siblings can accelerate.

Be careful with your social environment relationships, fights and frictions in the community in February. A quick and unexpected event in your social environment may occur on 13 February.

Be careful with your friend relationships after 14 February. Your friends that you work with can turn work behind you during this period. After a busy and active period, you will turn your energy into yourself.

The Full Moon, which took place on February 19, can bring sensitive and emotional results in your home, family and kindergarten areas. You can focus on an important family business and face an issue. Again, this Full Moon, matters between your own family or your spouse’s family can become important.

Watch out for frictions with people around you on March 1.

The Full Moon formed on March 21 may bring you to love. You can sail in love with a person you meet. If you have a loved one, you may need to take more care of it and your child in this Full Moon and focus on their topics.

Your energy will start to be fulfilled after March 31. Mars, which goes under your sign, will activate you for your ideas and thoughts. You can fight more about your ideas than to take action.

On April 10, Jupiter falls back. A period begins in which you will review the opportunities and chances you encounter in your private relationships and joint steps.

Stay away from exaggeration on 12-16 April, do not go under promises that you cannot keep in your private relationships.

After April 20, you can become the pupil of your social circle. You can meet new people and be welcomed from new circles. You will attract your attention in social environments with your entrepreneurial and different thinkers.

Fortunately, you will recover very quickly and you will find nice results and offers in your private relationships. You can feel the chance of 3-5-9-11-14 May, and you may encounter nice opportunities in the subjects you stand in the background.

You will draw yourself back after May 6. Your communication may slow down. You can spare more time for yourself and your soul. Running to the aid of other people can become important. Do not share your secrets with everyone in this two-week period, there may be increases in the presence of speakers behind you.

On May 21, your life begins to color. While your indecision will be prominent in your business areas, you will be personally fun and social.

You start with a New Moon that affects you on June 3, in June. This New Moon will be important to you. You have been personally renewed and with this New Moon you are starting to implement the decisions of the period ahead. Match your new steps to this 15-day time frame.

You should not be overly fanatic about your family on June 16. Scandalous events may occur in the relationship between your spouse and family, but your reactions will be important for both you and your partner. Do not clash for your beliefs and ideas where you will consider.

With the Full Moon formed on June 17, you can fall on your private relationships. You can make decisions based on the life of the person you love or devote more vigilance to the emotional formations in his life.

After June 27, your communication with your close circle will begin to accelerate. You will be more interested in everything that is happening around you.

As it enters August, Mercury heals immediately on one of the month. You will start to relax in your communication. On the other hand, you may want to speed up your business this month in your entrepreneurial direction. Be careful with your close relationships at the beginning of August.

While supporting you in your private life, relationships between 7-8 August, be careful about the stresses that will be caused on material issues.

After August 11, your communication with your close circle will increase. If you have relatives or siblings, you can make more health-based positions with them and take your time for what is happening in your immediate vicinity.

On August 11, Jupiter is recovering. With the improvement, you will enter a cycle in which bilateral relations and chances in your private life will be more comfortable.

You will begin to show your energy on family matters after August 18th. While those who enter and leave your house accelerate, you can bend over to your action area, your home and your family.

As of August 23, it’s time to focus on family issues and show yourself in your family environment. You will convey your attention and interest to your family members.

You can make important new decisions about your home, your home and your home after August 30th. You can do your real estate business in 15 days after this new month.

In September, you will be supported in matters related to your family and you will make correct and effective expenses for your home. 2-3-5-6-8-9 September are the dates you will have nice and different opportunities in your private life.

On 4-7-10 September, you should be vigilant against deceit and deceit. There may be some confusion and frustration in your family life. If you have business like real estate purchase, do not meet these dates.

You should not be overly fanatic about your private life and family around September 21st. Scandalous events may occur in the relationship between your spouse and family, but your reactions will be important for both you and your partner.

A fun period begins after September 23. You will give more importance to love, enjoyment, entertainment, artistic issues, and of course, your child, your children. You can use the New Moon, formed on September 28, in your love life to take steps and start from the issues related to your child. You can also start your breakthroughs for your artistic or creative works.

At the beginning of October, you should pay attention to the effects such as jealousy, orientation and pressure in your relationships. Try to shake the balance of your relationship with manipulative effects.

As of October 4, you will shift your energy to love, your child, creative and artistic fields, hobbies and sports. In this area, you can show your strength in relationships.

The Full Moon, which was formed on October 13, can bring the delicacies to your life in organizational works in your social environment, in your relationships with your friends. An invitation and event that you will encounter can cause you to neglect your private life and experience tensions with them. You should pay close attention to your relationships on this Full Moon. Your tensions that begin at the beginning of the month can become very visible here. October 14-27-28 is remarkable in this sense.

In November, you will focus on the relationships in your private life and you will want to see the love of the other side in your life. On the other hand, the fact that Mercury is straining in your business areas may bring disruptions and misunderstandings in your communication with the people you work with.

You will be under fateful effects in the Full Moon formed on November 12. In your private relationships, your social environment will open new doors to you and you will meet new people.

With the New Moon formed on November 26, you can implement the decisions you want to take in your relationships. You are in a New Moon where you will start your decisions such as marriage, engagement, wedding, divorce, and starting a relationship.

In December, both business, private and monetary issues may become the center of your life.

Questions, communication difficulties or experiences in these areas on 11 December may make important emotional decisions about your life. You can renew your life with the decisions you make in this Full Moon.

You should try to be realistic in your private life and family relationships on December 8-20. Dreamy attitudes can lead to deceit and ultimately disappointment.

After 9 December, you will spend more time and time in your relationship. You can enter important conversations, and produce solutions to your problems.

After 20 December, a period begins when you will be happy to travel and meet new people.

(Excerpt from Elele magazine Hande Kazanova Astrology 2019 book)

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