What will happen in our life in the new year according to Chinese astrology

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We all wonder what the new year will bring to us. This year, we are entering the “dog” year according to Chinese astrology on February 16. So what will the new year bring to our lives according to Chinese astrology, which has a history of thousands of years?

Ceren Sakin, Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Specialist of the Turkish-Chinese Cultural Association, made important statements about 2018.

A harmonious and enjoyable year is waiting for us

After two challenging years like 2016 and 2017, we look like we’re going to breathe a bit, as we will get into the influence of two elements that are compatible with this year. We can say that people will have a more harmonious and enjoyable year due to the constructive cycle, not destructive, among the elements of this year. We are also about to enter a year when the earth element is very strong.

This year’s element of the dog year is “yang soil”

As a personality trait, Yang has very high enforcement power. It is compared to a mountain and is difficult to overcome. It is stable, worldly, hard-tempered, and because it represents our muscles, it also represents strength. “Yang earth dog” also has another depiction in Chinese Astrology, which I say briefly, the pilgrim does not go to bed.

Attention to accidents

The only shortage of dog horoscope is one of the horoscopes without guardian angel! Since it also represents the earth element, people who have a conflict with the dog sign should not go up the mountain, do not do extreme sports and take care of their health as much as possible, since injuries are likely to be very serious as they will not have a protection feature. In order to protect them, I recommend people with conflict to carry the rabbit symbol on them.

This year, natural disasters are expected to come from the soil. There is a direction that every year comes, for example, we expect fire disasters and stabbing last year, and we can be exposed to the disasters of the soil this year.

Love energy comes from the south

Couples or those seeking a romantic relationship, those who want to have children, this year the energy of love comes from the south. Putting double objects in red or putting Mandarin ducks as accessories in the parts of this aspect of your home will activate this place. Good news for those who were born in Yang Toprak (Yin Su) days, which is also the celestial element of the year! Your probability of marriage this year is very strong. We can say that it will be a pleasant and harmonious year for couples.

What awaits us in economy and politics

Since the Chinese calendar makes 60-year cycles, it is useful to look at what happened 60 years ago that year. Unfortunately, Turkey’s economy in 1958 was not in very good condition and had been witnessing the dollar up to 9 pounds 3 pounds. There was a deficit in foreign trade and borrowing had increased. In the world, the Vietnam war was continuing.

Therefore, it is useful to consider the possibility of the continuation of the rise of the dollar that started this year because the fire element supports the economy and the fire element, which has weakened in 2017, will not come to our side for a few years. Therefore, abstaining and fears may emerge in the economy.

Who will make money

According to the element cycle, the tree element rules the earth element, and we can call it the money of the tree element. For this reason, those in the tree element sector seem to make money, unlike last year. Who are they? Textile, broadcasting organizations, media, interior architecture, landscape and food sector.

The sectors of the metal element are supported by Toprak, but unfortunately this support is in terms of work and performance and they will have to wait a bit for the result. Yes, they will work hard and be supported, but they will need some maturity to return money. These sectors are; engineering, computer, automotive and banking.

We can say the same for the sectors of the fire element because the fire element also supports the earth element. So they have a positive interaction with the soil. We can say that they will work hard and be active, but it will take a process to convert them to cash, just like the metal element. These sectors are the stock market, finance, chemistry, entertainment and energy sectors.

Since the soil will mean competitor for the soil element, those in the sector of the soil element will be exposed to very competitive environment. For this reason, we can say that the profit will be divided. Such as construction, mining, hotel management, real estate. . .

Unfortunately, other sectors are not very supported this year. They may experience some losses and difficulties this year.

This year, fertility favors those facing the southeast direction. For example, if your favorite parts of your home, such as your living room, are in the southeast direction and the front is open, abundance will be with you.

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