What you should have in your luggage while going skiing

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How should we prepare for the ski holiday, what should we take with us, what should we be prepared for? The answer to the question of what to take when going for skiing is in the list below with its individual details.

First of all, do not make a quick decision for the ski team. Rent your skis and baton the first time. You can use the ski suit later on a winter day or winter holiday. The ski team can stay in your hand if you don’t like this sport.

We start from inside

Take care to dress as much as you can. Correctly selected clothes will protect you from cold, so if you enjoy the snow to the full. So my first suggestion is to get a thermal underwear. You can find these widespread underwear in many stores, especially sports stores. And plenty of socks. Because despite the freezing cold, your feet will sweat, too.

Note: You can also choose ski socks. This is something different from normal socks. There will be a second coat to be worn over the socks, and I definitely recommend the ski socks. Even if you don’t buy anything, go get those ski socks. It not only allows your foot to be comfortable in the ski, but also warms up as needed.

Water and windproof ski clothing

I bought underwear, I wear it in my jeans and I spend my jacket on it. Since you will be in the snow for a very long time and do activities, your clothes must be suitable for this. Those who are just starting to ski should not underestimate the dress business as it will fall abundantly. Especially waterproof ski pants and coat that prevents wind should be among your indispensable items. Also, it is useful to be selective about ski jacket and trousers. It makes sense to shop from well-known brands that produce clothes specifically in this regard, you can wear them for many years. The purpose of the pants and coat you will wear here is not to look good. If you say that I do not want to buy so many clothes for only one day, many ski resorts have rental options.

Important in waterproof gloves. Do not forget that you will be both snow and snow-covered. When you fall, you will have to hold onto the ground while standing up. You will need to carry your poles all day long. It is important to protect hands.

Ski accessories

These accessories, which are as important as coats and pants, include gloves, glasses, snood or scarf and beret. As a bonus, we can also add a helmet, but most prefer to rent a newly-started helmet from where they ski or snowboard. The first purpose of these accessories is to be functional rather than aesthetic. Of course, there are no brands that combine the two today.

Anti-slip and waterproof boots

A robust, water-resistant, non-slip boot is one of the indispensable parts of the snow holiday. A bad shoe can disgrace your whole holiday. If you do not want your feet to be cold and wet all the time, I recommend buying a snow boot.


If you have made your skis and sweat, the ones on you are starting to get overwhelmed, my advice will be vests. While protecting your coldest regions, they will allow you to get some relief at the same time. Apart from that, cotton sweatshirts also work.

We don’t understand how the sun burns in the cold

We thought about the clothes, but what should we do for our skin that is left alone with the cold and winter sun all day? Usually, in such weather, the skin tends to dry out. Lips crack and skin loses its elasticity. To avoid this, we need to make our normal skin care routines a little more hydrated. The most important advice is to choose a high-protection sunscreen. Make sure you don’t understand how the sun burns you in that cold, mountain weather. Don’t forget to put the lip balm in your coat pocket!

“What are we supposed to take with us when we go skiing?” Since we answered your question, good holidays to everyone already. . .

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