When platonic love is harmful, the facts can be painful!

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Love is one of the sweetest heard that makes butterflies fly in peaceful stomachs. However, sometimes these feelings do not respond to the person most of the time. For example, the platonic relationships we call unrequited love are not real relationships. We have gathered all your curiosity about the platonic love that many of us live in a corner of our lives! Does platonic love harm a person? Is it possible to turn into a real relationship? Here are all the answers you are looking for about platonic love. . . .


Platobic love is called nameless love, which has marked a period in our lives. It is to have a high level of pleasure from the person in front of you and to experience and continue this in itself.

Most of the time, the person can start a real relationship by opening his feelings to the other side, but may experience some difficulties in confronting relationships that can be considered impossible. Platonic love, however, does not mean a true relationship in general.

Relationship Specialist Hande Akın about those who are curious about platonic love;

‘The feeling of platonic love brings sweet excitement and enthusiasm to people. For a while, you can feed on platonic love. But when you face that this is not a true love, a real relationship, you may be in trouble. It is very enjoyable to live your feelings. But the real relationship is the relationship carried out together. ‘ said.

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